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Richard Grieco Focuses On The COVID-19 Pandemic With Powerful New Single “Six Feet Away”

From acting to directing to painting and beyond, Richard Grieco is an artist whose talent knows no bounds. A lifelong musician, Grieco has just released a brand new single titled “Six Feet Away.” The song came from his experiences throughout the Quarantine of the 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic and is a look at the six foot rule from the perspective of personal relationships, feelings of being disconnected and the hope for a return to normalcy.

Richard’s return to music is one of the most anticipated elements of his career by fans worldwide. This track reinforces the belief that while the quarantine may have put people in a socially distant lockdown from one another, creativity, thoughts and expressions cannot be locked away… they will break free and thrive even in our darkest times.

Check out the video for the powerful new track below and purchase the song digitally at any of these locations – Click Here! 

Richard Grieco