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Jeff Bridges Teams Up With Breedlove Guitars To Launch Sustainably Sourced “All In This Together” Signature Model Guitars

With his new Breedlove signature model guitars, Academy Award®-winning actor, musician and environmentalist Jeff Bridges takes a stand for unity, ecology and peace.

The flagship instrument, which, like the others, bears Bridges’ “All in this Together” motto inlaid along the fretboard, is made entirely from sustainable woods, proving, the acclaimed star says, that “we can build beautiful instruments to make beautiful music that will resonate for all time, and preserve the trees, the lungs of our planet, which temper our climate, replenish our fresh water and provide shelter for our wildlife.”

“We can make our instruments with salvaged or selectively harvested wood from sustainable forests, while still protecting habitat and sustaining the local community. We can make a difference.”

The premium guitar, a light, responsive soft cutaway limited edition acoustic-electric Breedlove Oregon Concerto Bourbon CE, features Bridges name inlaid on the rear of the headstock. Protected by an “All in this Together” embroidered gig bag, each instrument—outfitted with an L.R. Baggs Anthem amplification system—is handcrafted and hand voiced in Bend, Ore. from superior sounding, hauntingly beautiful native Oregon myrtlewood, which grows along the state’s Pacific coast.

“At Breedlove,” says owner Tom Bedell, “we share Jeff’s concerns for the earth, and this exquisite, very personal guitar was born from his passion for music and his dedication, like ours, to maintaining our world’s forests. Absolutely no clear-cut wood is used in this instrument. That’s why Jeff put his name on the headstock and will personally sign each label and accompanying Certificate of Authenticity.”

The Breedlove Jeff Bridges “All in this Together” signature Oregon model is available only through Lost Chord Guitars, in Solvang, Calif, operated by Jeff Bridges & The Abiders’ musical director Chris Pelonis.

Royalties from each Oregon sale support Amazon Conservation Team, which works in partnership with indigenous colleagues to protect rainforests and traditional culture.

Additionally, two new Jeff Bridges signature models—offered with different options at different price points to allow a wide variety of participation—will join the Designed in Bend Organic Series of sustainably-sourced, clear-cut free all solid wood acoustic-electric guitars.

The granadillo in the Jeff Bridges Signature Organic Amazon and the African mahogany in the Jeff Bridges Signature Organic Congo come from the world’s two great rainforests; Bedell has traveled to both locales, as well as the Swiss Alps for the European spruce tops, to ensure sustainable practices.

The latter models will be available exclusively at Lost Chord beginning Sept. 1.

Jeff Bridges X Breedlove Guitars

Jeff Bridges is one of Hollywood’s most successful actors and a seven-time Academy Award® nominee, as well as a singer and producer. His 2009 performance in Crazy Heart deservedly garnered the iconic performer his first Oscar® for Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role. The performance also earned him the Golden Globe, SAG Award and the IFP/Spirit Award for Lead Actor. Bridges’ moving and multi-layered performance is one of many in a career that spans decades. Since earning his initial Oscar nomination in 1971, for The Last Picture Show, he has been honored with seven nominations, most recently for Hell or High Water (2016). In a career spanning nearly 50 years, he has appeared in more than 65 films, among them Seabiscuit, The Big Lebowski, True Grit, The Fabulous Baker Boys, Starman and, most recently, Bad Times at the El Royale. Through his company, ASIS Productions, he has also produced films and television movies, including the documentary Living in the Future’s Past as well as The Giver, American Heart, The Only Living Boy in New York and Hidden in America.

Music is one of Jeff’s true passions and in August 2011, he released his self-titled major label debut album for Blue Note Records. Multiple-Grammy Award®-winning songwriter, musician and producer T Bone Burnett produced the critically acclaimed album, which was a follow up to his first solo effort, “Be Here Soon,” on Ramp Records, the Santa Barbara, Calif. label he co-founded with Michael McDonald and producer/singer/songwriter Chris Pelonis. In 2014, he released his first live album “Jeff Bridges & The Abiders Live.” In February 2015, Jeff released a spoken word/ambient album titled “Sleeping Tapes.” The collaboration was co-produced with musician Keefus Ciancia who also supplied the music. All proceeds from the album’s sales go to Share Our Strength’s No Kid Hungry campaign.

In 2018, Jeff narrated and produced the environmental documentary Living In the Future’s Past, a beautifully photographed tour de force about who we are; where we come from; and why we think and do the things we do. Profound thinkers share the screen with hundreds of the earth’s living creatures to reveal profound concepts about ourselves and our future, that have never been presented quite like this on film before. Living in the Future’s Past is an astonishing journey that looks under the ‘hood of humanity,’ by weaving evolution, emergence, energy, dark ecology, and what some are calling the end of nature, into a narrative bypassing political affiliations and borders and boundaries of all kinds.