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Music Icon PRINCE Honored With The Unveiling of Iconic Love Symbol At Paisley Park

Paisley Park has unveiled a display of one of the most iconic symbols in music – Prince’s Love Symbol. The piece is approximately 11’ tall (with plinth), 6’ wide and is positioned in front of Paisley Park where all visitors can see and take photos with it. 

Prince assumed the Love Symbol as his identity back in 1993 in response to feeling increasingly frustrated and restricted by his recording and publishing contracts which owned the name Prince and all related music. Upon expiration of Prince’s contracts in 2000, Prince announced he would go back to using his birth name, though the unpronounceable symbol has remained synonymous with Prince to this day. 

The Love Symbol was first introduced in Prince’s 1992 Love Symbol album and was designed as a fusion of the male and female astrological signs. Today, to many it has become a symbol of not only love but also inclusion, freedom, and a harmony of opposite forces. 

“The installation of the Love Symbol is another exciting moment for us at Paisley Park in our continuing efforts to celebrate Prince’s legacy,” said Alan Seiffert, Executive Director of Paisley Park. “With the challenges that our world is currently facing, we are happy to share a piece that showcases this expression of creativity and freedom. And what better place than Prince’s creative sanctuary. “ 

In addition to the Love Symbol on display, Paisley Park continues to evolve its space and tours. Visitors do not need to pay admission to see the Love Symbol. Paisley Park is open daily from 9-5, closed on Wednesdays. Find updates and more information at 

About Paisley Park 
Paisley Park, Prince’s private estate and production compound in Chanhassen, Minnesota is open for public tours, giving fans of the music icon the unprecedented opportunity to tour the legendary, 65,000-square-foot complex that served as the center of Prince’s creative universe. Guided tours take visitors throughout the extensive main floor of Paisley Park, including recording and mixing studios where Prince recorded, produced and mixed most of his biggest hits, exhibit spaces that chronicle films such as Purple Rain and Graffiti Bridge, Prince’s private NPG Music Club, and a massive soundstage and concert hall where Prince rehearsed for concert tours and held exclusive, private events and concerts. The tour also features thousands of artifacts from Prince’s personal archives, including iconic concert wardrobe, awards, musical instruments and concert memorabilia. Paisley Park is located at 7801 Audubon Road, Chanhassen, Minnesota, approximately 20 minutes from Minneapolis-St.Paul International Airport. For more information about Paisley Park, visit