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Starbenders Release ‘One Of Us’ Acoustic Version Official Music Video

Atlanta glam punk four piece, STARBENDERS have today released the official music video for their elegant acoustic rendition of ‘One Of Us’ off most recent album ‘Love Potions’. Watch the official music video below.

Speaking on the band’s latest track, ‘One Of Us’, vocalist Kimi Shelter says:

“The bond within our band is one that is unique and precious to us. People and places come in and out of our lives the same way that cities fly past my window in the van. We feel safe in the chaos because we have each other. As we go faster, the blur intensifies and we’re left feeling almost childlike in our restlessness. Craving the warm embrace of anything that represents home, but not being able to sit still long enough to receive it. Life on the road swirled with feelings of longful lamentation inspired the writing of ‘One Of Us’. When you’re torn between worlds and you can feel your soul begging for mercy, expression can be your only salvation. The words and music poured right out of me.”

STARBENDERS have also announced the ‘One Of Us’ bundle that includes both the original and acoustic versions of the track.

‘Love Potions’ is STARBENDERS first full-length release with world renowned independent label, Sumerian Records and follows the announcement of their signing last year. B.I.J.Records has released ‘Love Potions’ in Japan.

Sumerian Records
Release Date: February 14th 2020

01. Hangin’ On Tonight
02. Getting Harder
03. Precious (feat. Remington Leith)
04. Holy Mother
06. London
07. Push
08. Never Gonna Die
09. Cover Me
10. Can’t Cheat Time
11. Coming Up Roses
12. Down & Out
13. Something Ain’t Right
14. One Of Us

Starbenders - Love Potions