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Amigo The Devil Rolls Out Haunting Cover of Carrie Underwood “Before He Cheats”

Dark folk anomaly Amigo the Devil has released a haunting cover of Carrie Underwood‘s revenge classic “Before He Cheats” online. Amigo The Devil injects the anthem of a lover scorned with his Southern Gothic trademark honesty and somber atmosphere to add a unique emotional depth to the country classic. Watch Amigo The Devil’s cover of “Before He Cheats” below.

The cover kicks off a new “living” album project simply titled “Covers, Demos, Live Versions, B-Sides”, which will compile unofficial tracks and vulnerable rarities into one continuously growing collection. This also marks the first official release through his new label Liars Club Records, a partnership between Amigo The Devil and indie powerhouse Regime Music Group. 

Attending an Amigo The Devil show is an intense and bonding experience. The heartfelt yet raucous atmosphere paired with honest and highly identifiable lyrics creates relief and euphoria among crowds from all walks. People cry, laugh, and become entranced by the infectious and emotional depth associated with not only the writing but also the surreal and prophetic performance most solo artists don’t achieve.

Amigo The Devil is currently working with powerhouse Beau Bedford at Modern Electric in Dallas, TX recording a follow-up to his critically acclaimed debut album “Everything Is Fine”, which was produced by Ross Robinson.