Chronicle of a Serial Killer
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Hip Hop Legend DMX Stars In Gritty Thriller ‘Chronicle of a Serial Killer’; Trailer and Poster Art Revealed!

A dark, high-intensity thriller lurks just around the corner for the Fall! Chronicle of a Serial Killer’ will be released on October 5th ON Demand nationwide. The dark thriller stars Earl ‘DMX” Simmons, Brendan Sexton III, Dominique Swain, Steve Stanulis, Jack Scalia, James Russo and Constantine Maroulis. Written by John Bianco and directed by Steve Stanulis, the movie was shot in New York City and Staten Island. Check out the official poster art and trailer below.

The psychological thriller takes the audience on a journey into the twisted mind of a serial killer, Henry Brolin played by Brendan Sexton III, and his obsession to fill a void in his heart, by viciously killing women who he believes will ultimately turn out like his mother. Brolin lives in an encapsulated world, which is driven from his abusive childhood. His agenda is to rid the world of egregious women, who he believes will eventually torture their sons. He sets his plan in motion, entrapping the women on the internet and capturing the attention of the police department, as they race against time to capture the killer.

Chronicle of a Serial Killer

Director Steve Stanulis comments, “Chronicle of a Serial Killer is a psychological thriller similar to “Seven” guaranteed to have the audience on the edge of their seat from inception. The cast, DMX, Dominique Swain, James Russo, Brendan Sexton, Jack Scalia and the rest, really bring it. Directing this crew was seamless and a pleasure and can’t wait for everyone to see it.”

Chronicle of a Serial Killer is distributed by Stanulis Productions and Stonecutter Media. Starting October 5th, it will be available for sale or rental on demand via networks such as Comcast, Charter, ITunes, Amazon Transactional, Google Play, Cox Cable, DIRECTV, Dish Network, and Verizon Fios.