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Seven Jars Distillery Team With Ava Gardner™ Trust To Produce Ava Gardner Select Bourbon Whiskey

Seven Jars Distillery, a Charlotte-based business, has partnered with the Ava Gardner™ Trust and Legacy Talent and Entertainment to produce a unique Ava Gardner Select Bourbon Whiskey, which will be available for a limited release beginning on October 16th, 2020.  Born on December 24, 1922 in Grabtown, North Carolina, Ava Gardner rose to international fame as an actress during a career that spanned over four decades.  Her role as Kitty Collins in the 1946 classic The Killers cemented her as the iconic symbol of the Film Noir era and her legacy as perhaps the most alluring starlet of Hollywood’s Golden Age endures to this day.

Ava Gardner’s life was characterized by her beauty and talent on the screen, but her down-to-earth approach in her personal life, coupled with her independent spirit, endeared her to generations of fans worldwide.  In many ways, she was a woman ahead of her time; not afraid to speak her mind, not one to follow the “status quo,” and not afraid to buck the system.  The Ava Gardner Select Bourbon Whiskey reflects much of this character – smooth and flavorful, with just the right amount of “kick!”

“I know that Ava is pleased to have her own whiskey,” said Ava Thompson,  Ava Gardner’s Great Niece and Trustee of the Ava Gardner Trust.  “She always enjoyed top-shelf whiskey, and so our agents at Legacy Talent approached Seven Jars Distillery about a partnership.  The result was not only a premium whiskey that deserves Ava’s brand, but a way for us to continue to bring amazing bourbon to Ava’s fans worldwide while creating a rare, keepsake memento at the same time.”

The bourbon bearing Ava Gardner’s name will be released as a 101-proof whiskey on October 16th, 2020.  The limited release of 3,600 bottles will be packaged in individual boxes, each bearing the image of Ava Gardner in the role of Kitty Collins from The Killers.  Additional releases will be available in the future, with each bearing different images of Ava Gardner and each having a unique flavor profile.

“The opportunity to work with the brand of a Hollywood legend like Ava Gardner is a dream come true for us,” said Del Ratcliffe, Managing Partner of Seven Jars Distillery. “Our goal with Seven Jars Distillery has always been to tell the story of our parents, while sharing some really great spirits.  They both adored Ava Gardner, and the synergy between Ava’s story, her history, and our heritage here at Seven Jars is remarkable.”

“We are proud to represent a timeless icon like Ava Gardner and privileged to work with her heirs,” said Melinda Morris Zanoni, founder and CEO of Legacy Talent. “We are excited about this partnership, not only for Ava’s millions of fans, but also to present the Ava Gardner legacy to a new audience through our friends at Seven Jars, who have been incredible to work with throughout this entire collaboration!”

Distribution of the first release of the Ava Gardner Select Bourbon Whiskey will primarily be in North Carolina, but other markets will have limited availability.  Fans of Ava Gardner who are interested in obtaining one of the limited release bottles can find out more by visiting

ABOUT AVA GARDNER TRUST: Ava Gardner established her Trust in 1986. It has evolved through the years, and today, it is responsible for the management of the intellectual property of Ava Gardner, including trademarks and copyrights. The Trust works to exploit image and publicity rights in order to provide funds for the beneficiaries of the Trust. Moreover, the Trust seeks to preserve the legacy of Ava Gardner and to introduce her to a new generation of fans. Ava was courageous, independent, kind, and generous. Throughout her life she supported many charities including cancer research and civil rights causes. All of the residual funds of the Trust go to charities and non-profits previously selected by Ava and her family. Her compassion and boundless generosity continue through her Trust.

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ABOUT SEVEN JARS DISTILLERY:  Seven Jars Distillery is a craft distillery located in Charlotte, NC.   In addition to the Ava Gardner Bourbon, they produce six brands of Spirits including Vodka, Rum, and Whiskey, and more recently hand sanitizer.  Seven Jars was formed to tell the unique story of Frank and Velma Ratcliffe; the family-run business considers itself fortunate in that, in addition to sharing the incredible and adventurous life of these two wonderful people, they are also able to distribute some fantastic adult beverages.    For more information contact Del Ratcliffe at or visit online at

ABOUT LEGACY TALENT AND ENTERTAINMENT, LLC:  Legacy Talent and Entertainment is the most established and recognized Talent Company in the Southeast and maintains a presence in Malibu, California.  LTE provides professional talent representation services to select celebrities and iconic estates, including representing exclusive talent and some of the highest profile legends.  LTE and its extensive network of relationships with brands, studios, television networks, new media, and Fortune 500 companies allows LTE to  partner its clients with endorsers; licensing campaigns; publishing houses; film and TV; digital and social media; branded deals; and other avenues of connecting with fans in order to advance its clients’ legacies.  Please visit our website and on social media: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram