Rene Perez's Snake Eyes Fan Film
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Director Rene Perez Unleashes ‘G.I Joe’ Fan Film With Sights Set On The Franchise’s Most Iconic Hero!

Genre film maker Rene Perez (Death Kiss, Once Upon A Time in Deadwood) has returned with his latest passion project. Perez dedicated his time during the pandemic lockdown breathing life into a ninja fan film based on the G.I Joe Character, Snake Eyes.

Based on Hasbro’s legendary G.I.Joe action ?gure toy line, comic books and animated series that dominated the 1980’s, this retro-styled fan ?lm focuses on the most mysterious and beloved member of the legendary military team. The film finds Snake Eyes being on the run for his life and being hunted by a group of mercenaries after G.I. Joe has been disbanded. The breathtaking Victoria Olona (Miss Nevada 2020) stars as Snake Eyes’ wife and Seventh degree black belt martial artist Juan Manuel Olmedo as the title character. Check out the film below and spread the word!

Director Rene Perez and Producer Joseph Camilleri previously collaborated on the film “The Insurrection” in 2019. Perez’s next feature film is “Righteous Blood” starring Michael Pare and Emily Whitcomb.