Mahmut Akay's 'Close Shave' Short Film
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CLOSE SHAVE: Director Mahmut Akay Puts New Spin On Iconic Wolverine Character In New Short Film!

If you are comic book fan like us, you’re constantly on the lookout of awesome new content from up and coming creatives. Today, my friends, we are in luck! Mahmut Akay has written and directed a new short fan film, CLOSE SHAVE, which serves as an interesting reinterpretation of the iconic Wolverine character. Through the years, we’ve become accustomed to seeing the legendary character portrayed as a muscular mutant in comics and on the silver screen, however, ‘Close Shave’ provides a bit of a swerve!

Of the project, Akay said: “It’s a dark comedy that reinterprets the character while exploring the themes of identity and prejudice. We wanted to make a character driven fan film, as there seems to be a lot of ‘action’ oriented ones out there.”

The cast for the film includes cast: Cameron Jack, Michael Chase, Tom Cray, Jack Forsyth-Noble, Jacob Meadows, Neizan F. Birchwood and Julia Sawalha. Check out more of Mahmut Akay’s work at his official website —

Synopsis: Logan visits a swanky barbershop to start afresh in human society with a new trim, but finds himself in trouble when his mutant identity is exposed.