311 - Mardi Gras 2020 Blu-Ray
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311 Release Their First Ever Official ‘Mardi Gras 2020’ HD Concert Film!

The one thing you need to know about 311, the rock/rap hybrid band formed in Omaha at the beginning of the ‘90s, beyond the best-selling albums they released in the mid-‘90s or their chart-topping hits “Down,” “All Mixed Up,” and “Beautiful Disaster” or the fact that they continue to release new albums to their extraordinarily devout fanbase, is that the same members who appeared on the band’s label debut, 1993’s Music, are the very same members who appeared on their most recent album, Mardi Gras 2020.

Not only does Mardi Gras 2020 mark the group’s 30-year anniversary but it is also their first ever concert film to be released on high-definition video and made available on Blu-ray along with the standard definition DVD and audio CD. Together, this ultra tight 5-piece unit – vocalist Nick Hexum, DJ Doug Martinez, drummer Chad Sexton, guitarist Tim Mahoney and bassist P-Nut – light up the stage of New Orleans’ Fillmore as they churn through all of their greatest hits and newer tracks. For the diehard fans, the concert is also being released in a special limited edition double LP orange vinyl set packaged in a gatefold jacket with photos from the concert!

Buy the Blu-ray/DVD/CD combo: https://www.amazon.com/311-Mardi-Gras-Blu-Ray-Bonus/dp/B08LJXP7W1

Buy the vinyl: https://cleorecs.com/store/shop/311-mardi-gras-2020-limited-edition-double-orange-vinyl/

Stream the audio: https://orcd.co/311_mardi_gras_2020

Track List:
1. Beautiful Disaster
2. All Mixed Up
3. Silver
4. Come Original
5. Gap
6. What The?!
7. Don’t Stay Home
8. Stainless
9. Do You Right
10. Purpose
11. Good Feeling
12. Beyond The Gray Sky
13. Better Space
14. Applied Science
15. Don’t You Worry
16. You Wouldn’t Believe
17. Hydroponic
18. Amber
19. Sick Tight
20. Creatures
21. Down