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Guitarist Jimena Fosado To Release “Color Clouds” Single On February 26th!

Guitarist Jimena Fosado has been hard at work over the past several months and is ready to deliver some awesome new music to the masses! This star on the rise is set to release her next single called “Color Clouds,” the single that will make you fly, on February 26th, 2021 on all streaming platforms.

Jimena says, “The new song is a mixture of pop synth with vibrant guitar solos. The single is definitely a transition on my writing and composition as well as my guitar playing.”

The new track will have the pop feel with some guitar elements that make her style unique. For the latest updates on Jimena’s exciting career, visit her official website at www.jimenafosado.com. You can also get a glimpse inside of her world via Instagram at www.instagram.com/jimenafosado/.


Jimena Fosado is a 24 year old female guitarist born in Mexico City established in Los Angeles. Influenced by different genres in order to create her own and unique sound mixing different elements in her music, she performs rock and metal combined with fusion and EDM: Better described as “Messhugah meets Guthrie Govan, Afrojack meets Steve Vai.”  She is part of the Shreddelicious community that features female musicians all over the world including Sarah Longfield, Nita Strauss, Courtney Cox, Nikki Stringfield, Yvette Young, etc.

She started playing piano at the age of four to follow in her father’s footsteps in piano education. Hearing “Money for Nothing” by Dire Straits at age six inspired her interest in learning the guitar.

Despite her insistence, her father didn’t think she would take it seriously at that early of an age so he waited seven years until she couldn’t stop asking for it. He was convinced of her interest when she finished the Guitar Hero 3 video game he had bought for her instead in less than three days.

She had private lessons throughout the first years of playing but had the desire to become one of the best guitar players worldwide. She knew staying at home in Mexico was not an option for her, and dreamed of attending Musicians Institute after hearing that school had successful graduates that she’s looked up to since she started playing.

When applying for Musicians Institute, she was awarded with the Synyster Gates Scholarship (Avenged Sevenfold). She has shared stage and played with Steve Vai, Dave Weiner, Philip Bynoe, Paul Reed Smith (PRS Guitars), Scott Paige (Pink Floyd), Mike Beal (Earth Wind and Fire) Plain White T’s, Sky Dagncil (PRINCE) Karina Rae, Lynnette Shebyrd, among others.

Jimena is currently working as lead guitarist for Jesus Christ Superstar the musical touring in Mexico as well as recording her new album and performing on Latinamerican television and festivals playing her original music.

She has been in national tours in the U.S. She has participated in benefit performances, master classes, recording sessions, directed music bands, has been in major press in Mexico and U.S.A. (TELEHIT, GuitarraMX, Shed Guitar Masters, Guitarramente, Talent Raters, TMZ, Fox News live, LA Weekly, the newspaper)   She’s been a YAMAHA and LINE 6 product tester and is proudly endorsed by PRS Guitars, EMG Pickups and Elixir Strings.

Jimena Fosado
Jimena Fosado in the wild.

She started uploading videos of her playing punk rock covers to Youtube and received attention by going viral and being mentioned on Twitter by some of the bands or artists she covered such as Simple Plan and Orianthi. The most viewed video passed over 100,000 views in such a short time. She is followed on social media by several artists supporting her work such as Joe Satriani, John Illsley, Orianthi, Nili Brosh, Cortney Cox, Nick Johnston, Angel Vivaldi, Aaron Marshall, Chris Broderick, Rob Scallon, Doug Doppler to name a few.

When she was 15, at a concert, she got the front and everyone pushed forward. Causing her broken ribs by both sides, separating them from the sternum and the nerves of the ribs getting swollen. She spent three months in bed receiving direct injections on the nerves near the sternum. Of course, that didn’t stop her and she took it as an opportunity to write lyrics about how she felt, powerless, far from her dream and guitar. This is a condition she has to live with because there’s a trauma on the nerves, she needs light guitars to be able to move on stage and perform for long.

She has demonstrated ease to write songs ever since. When she was in school friends would have personal issues, she could write about and they would identify with the songs.

She had rough times as well; Twitter was her principal page to communicate and make friends all over the world. There were people who were suffering depression trying to end their lives, she wrote and showed them songs making them feel supported. “When you can change or even save someone else’s life with music and much more with yours, that’s when I realized there’s no other thing I want to do for the rest of my life”.

“She shreds.” – Dave Weiner to Steve Vai

“You have to see her play, she shreds” – Jeremy Colson to Steve Vai.

“Every time I listen to music my world changes therefore, I want to change the world.” – Jimena