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Amigo The Devil Releases Music Video For “Quiet As A Rat”

Amigo The Devil has released a new track and an evocative video for “Quiet As A Rat”, from his upcoming sophomore album Born Against. The new album is set for an April 16th release via Liars Club/Regime Music Group.

The video features Amigo The Devil (aka Danny Kiranos) style gallows humor, which is literal in the case. The artist is depicted as the narrator and victim of some tongue and cheek attempts at torture and execution that pose more on an annoyance to him than a threat. Check out the video below:

As with many of Amigo The Devil’s songs, everything serves as a metaphor for  something larger that resides within. The song “Quiet As A Rat is comprised of three vignettes that feature characters hiding their inner turmoil in order to maintain a strong façade. “Faith without doubt seems unhealthy,” says Kiranos.  “It’s an extreme that leaves no room for growth and honest learning, only the mindless repetition of old and sometimes hateful traditions. ‘Quiet as a Rat’ explores the bridge between faith and doubt, nurture and abandon…the fine line between belief and control. It plays to the true value of our spirit and whether we have a purpose to find or if we are the purpose and are simply here to be used and forgotten. You know…real fun stuff.”

Amigo the Devil has built a reputation as a storyteller with a penchant for both the tender and the macabre. On Born Against, he widens his scope by infusing his songs expansive arrangement and deeper romantic and emotional narratives that translate to the lives of the everyman/everywoman. Amigo the Devil has built a loyal and passionate cult following who wait anxiously for the release of the new offering.

Born Against is the follow up to Amigo The Devil’s 2018 debut Everything Is Fine, which crossed musical boundaries by connecting with fans of rock, folk, Americana, country, metal and beyond.