Batman: Dying Is Easy
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BATMAN: DYING IS EASY — Bat In The Sun Unleashes Absolutely Haunting Batman Fan Film!

At long last, BAT IN THE SUN have released their highly-anticipated fan film titled, ‘Batman: Dying is Easy.’ Directed by Aaron Schoenke and Sean Schoenke, the film stars a superb cast that includes Kevin Porter as Batman, Aaron Schoenke as Joker, Michael Madsen as Bullock, Vera Bambi as Poison Ivy, Amy Johnston as Harley Quinn, Doug Jones as Riddler, Chris Daughtry as Hugo Strange and Casper Van Dien as Commissioner Gordon.

The ‘Batman: Dying is Easy’ project is billed as a “Fan created. Professionally made. A psychological film about the Dark Knight and the Clown Prince.”

Via the official description of the film on official IndieGogo page, Bat In The Sun describes their mission as follows:We want to create a short film featuring the Dark Knight and the Clown Prince, locked in a battle of words that gives an in-depth look at their complex characters. This is something we have yet to see in live action! We want to give the fans something they’ve always craved with these characters. A psychological, dark detective story with an almost horror film feel. This film is created by fans for the fans. This film will feature all original costumes, sets, and music score!”

Well, kiddos! All we can say is: MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

Fans can also check out the amazing poster art for the film below. Most importantly, be sure to drop by the official social media channels of Bat In The Sun and give them a very well-deserved like and follow!

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Batman: Dying Is Easy