Mickey Rourke and Eric Roberts Star in NIGHT WALK
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Mickey Rourke and Eric Roberts Join Forces For Aziz Tazi’s Action-Thriller ‘NIGHT WALK’

Mickey Rourke, Eric Roberts and Sean Stone have joined forces in the gritty, action-thriller NIGHT WALK. The film is set to hit DVD and everywhere movies can be rented June 15th from Lionsgate.

The film, written and directed by Aziz Tazi, is a modern-day Romeo and Juliet, where star-crossed lovers are torn apart by cultural tensions between the East and the West.

Check out the trailer and poster art for the film below.

Official Synopsis: Mickey Rourke stars in this gritty action-thriller about one man’s quest for justice. It starts as Frank, an American, visits the Middle East with his girlfriend, Sarah. But when Sarah is killed in a police incident, Frank is framed for her murder and sent to a prison in the U.S. Then, after uncovering the conspiracy that led to Frank’s sentence, his friend dies mysteriously. Now, seeking bloody justice, Frank plans to escape from prison – but must partner with a dangerous gang to do so.

Mickey Rourke and Eric Roberts Star in NIGHT WALK