L E A Releases New Alt-Pop Summer Anthem "Pebbles"
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L E A Releases New Alt-Pop Summer Anthem “Pebbles”

LA-based Alt-Pop artist L E A is proud to debut her new single “Pebbles“, out everywhere now.

“Pebbles” is about opening your heart up after years of being so emotionally unavailable. It starts out with the idea of just knocking on someone’s window, being like “hey I’m ready to date again” to “actually, I have no patience, I want to irrationally dive right into this”. It goes from “I’ll take this slow with ya” to “I’m impulsively deciding I want this and I want this now.”

Another fun fact worth mentioning: the track emerged from a ‘write to this’ Andy Grammer TikTok. “He put a simple chord progression for the internet to write to, liked my video, and the rest is history! Thanks, Andy!” — L E A

“Pebbles” will be on L E A’s upcoming EP Jersey Boy, out later next month.

Upcoming Los Angeles shows:
8.5 – Hotel Cafe
8.20 – Silverlake Lounge

More About L E A:
Extroverted Noise. A solid blend between bold and free-spirit, the Los Angeles-based Alt-Pop artist, L E A, meets us somewhere in the middle with her vibrant sound. Some might call her the love child of Katy Perry & P!nk. Her writing style stems from her Jersey Pop Punk roots while her instrumentation beams from being an LA Devotee. L E A considers her sound colorful, extroverted, aggressive, and blunt. Having a heavy musical background, lower timbre rock vocals, and an obsession with the colorful world around her, L E A is sure to stand out in a crowd and make her presence known. After all, she is a Leo.

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