Analog Love: The (Long Lost) Art of the Mixtape
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‘Analog Love: The (Long Lost) Art of the Mixtape’ Documentary Hits VOD and Limited-Edition Blu-Ray On August 17th

A powerful new documentary, ‘Analog Love: The (Long Lost) Art of the Mixtape,’ is arriving on VOD and limited edition Blu-Ray on August 17th via Passion River.

Do you remember sharing your feelings with someone through a “mix tape?” Analog Love is a joyful look at why this ritual of communication through music still continues to be so meaningful.

With the insights of Henry Rollins, Money Mark (Beastie Boys), Kim Shattuck (The Muffs), Jennifer Finch (L7), Jimmy Urine (Mindless Self Indulgence), Chantal Claret, Jude “Rude Jude” Angelini, Zernell Gillie (Grimy!), Monalisa Murray, Christian James Hand (The Session) and many more, we’ll get to the bottom of the long-lost art of the mix tape.

Passion River’s Josh Levin says, “I am thrilled that Passion River Films gets the honor of releasing Analog Love, a title that speaks directly to my heart as someone who spent countless hours with my tape recorder and record player, making mixtapes. The joy and passion for music that infuse this film are sure to connect with audiences across all demographics, as we are bound by our collective love of music and its ability to reflect our emotions. Nothing says ‘I love you’ or ‘I want to rock your world’ like selecting the right songs!”

Passion River’s Director of Sales and Acquisitions, Josh Levin, negotiated the deal to acquire ‘Analog Love’ with Executive Producer, Graham Ehlers Sheldon, on behalf of the filmmakers. The film will be widely available on VOD and limited edition Blu-ray on August 17th.

Blu-ray Special Features:

  • Extended Tour of Henry Rollins tape collection
  • Jennifer Finch on her photography work
  • Deleted Scene on Soundtracks
  • Music Videos from Jonah Matranga, Chantal Claret, Jimmy Urine, Radius Etc, and more!

Analog Love: The (Long Lost) Art of the Mixtape