LEVELING UP: Spy+ Optic Changes The Game With New Releases For Work and Play!

If you’re like me, you’ve probably spent a good chunk of your adult life in search of the perfect pair of eyewear to suit your needs. In the modern age, finding the right combination frames and lenses can be a time-consuming venture. With more information coming at you than ever before, it’s easy to be swept up and carried down a less than fruitful path. I speak from experience as after many a purchase, I soon found myself right back on the trail continuing my seemingly never-ending quest. However, in 2021, it seems my efforts have finally paid off in spades with the discovery of some amazing new products from SPY+ Optic.

Spy+ Optic's Happy Screen Crossway
Spy+ Optic’s Happy Screen Crossway in the wild.

When it comes to the gear I employ on the daily, I’m looking for a baseline of high-quality materials, functionality, performance, and dependability. Of course, affordability often factors in as well. Sure, there are plenty of products that will meet those criteria right out of the gate, but Spy+ Optic offers something that many other brands don’t — core authenticity. The company got its start in 1994 in San Diego as the brainchild of action sports and motorsports enthusiasts who immersed themselves in the culture they knew best. In their early years, the blazed their own trails, captivating many of world’s best athletes from motorsports, surfing and, snowboarding with their next-level designs. With over two and half decades in the game, SPY+ Optic continues to push the limits of modern eyewear in the realms of fashion and functionality. Spy+ Optic products aren’t something you buy because they sunk a ton of money into a flashy high ad campaign. Instead, it’s a product you invest in because in addition to its impressive reputation and track-record, it’s also battle tested by an impressive roster of world class athletes who have come to depend on their precision to take their game to the next level.

While most of us aren’t out there carving up the slopes, white-knuckling it around the track with reckless abandon, or spending the afternoon sliding 50-50 grinds can-cans and knack-knacks, Spy+ Optic is still in your corner! In fact, it was two of the company’s recent releases aimed toward gaming that initially caught my attention and ultimately left me devoted to the brand. In my field, I’m constantly deep in the trenches covering the latest breaking stories, taking on the latest pop culture happenings, and exploring the deepest of online dives as I research for our celebrity interviews. These time-consuming ventures leave me submerged in blue light for hours on end. Spy+ Optic’s Happy Screen Lens Tech are designed to block most of the harmful blue light emitted by electronic devices, which reduces eyestrain and fatigue, while supporting healthy sleep! Additionally, they are scientifically tuned to boost mood and focus! The frames on the Discord style I picked up are constructed from Grilamid®, a lightweight frame material ideal for everyday wear due to its strength and flexibility. It only took a few moments of having them in hand to see the craftmanship. Clearly, these frames and lenses are designed to weather whatever storms may arise over the course of their service. Not only did these features check off all the boxes when it came to the needs of my digital life, they exceeded my expectations in all areas. As a consumer, you can’t ask for more than that! After wearing the Happy Screen Lens Tech at length, I can honestly say that my eyes haven’t felt this good in years and that certainly serves to up my game daily.

Spy+ Optic Monolith HAPPY GAMING™
Spy+ Optic Monolith HAPPY GAMING™ — Ready for action!

“Work hard, play hard.” Words to live by if you ask me. So, if you find yourself dedicated to your screen at work as I do, chances are that your playtime means everything! Whether you are battling it against online competition with your crew or taking on the competition by yourself, gameplay will never be the same after adding Happy Gaming Lens Tech to your arsenal. Designed with the hardcore gamer in mind and constructed from Grilamid®, these top-tier blue light blocking lenses deliver an experience unlike anything you’ve previously experienced. The technology employed provides incredibly sharp contrast and heightened details to whatever realm you’re looking to conquer. These gaming goldmines feature Accurate Radius Curvature (ARC) lenses, frames that are tapered to follow the natural curvature of the eye, a distinct single-lens design, and the proprietary Scoop Venting for increased airflow and added comfort.

Del The Funky Homosapien rocking Spy+ Optic HAPPY GAMING™ glasses
Del The Funky Homosapien rocking Spy+ Optic Monolith HAPPY GAMING™ specs.

Much like the Happy Screen Lens, the Happy Gaming Lens also delivers enhanced mood and focus, all while reducing eye strain and fatigue during your high-intensity sessions. The competitive edge these specs provide is indisputable!

SPY+ Optic eyewear has recently welcomed hip hop legend Del The Funky Homosapien to their team as ambassador. An avid gamer himself, Del has contributed to the soundtracks of more than a few notable games the last two decades, including the theme song for Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, NBA 07 (and beyond), Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3, Tony Hawk’s Underground, and many more.

Check out Del The Funky Homosapien in action as he takes on ‘No More Heroes III’ with his SPY+ Happy Gaming specs below!

The Bottomline: Retailing around $90-$150 depending on the frame, SPY+ Optic’s products are an incredible value. Moving forward, I don’t foresee a time in my life when I jump into the fray without either of these next-level products. It’s important to note that SPY+ Optic also offers prescription lenses in a variety of styles! Swing by their official website at to explore all they have to offer.