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Insane Clown Posse Announces Jam-Packed Schedule For ‘A Carnival Christmas!’

It’s Christmastime and the legendary Insane Clown Posse is ready to stuff your stocking! ICP’s Patreon Shows are back, as ScrubTime Network presents to you…A Carnival Christmas!

What better way to spend your holiday season than with your Juggalo family as you take a magical slay ride of pure entertainment brought to you by none other than the Insane Clown Posse! Every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday at 9pm (EST) during the entire month of December, we will be broadcasting live at with a new and unique show!

Drop that $66.50 to get live and subscribe — witnessing all the dope flavor right as it happens!

Not only will you be able to watch all the live shows in December as you jingle your balls, but all the past shows as well…that’s over 70 fuckin shows! If that wasn’t enough, Patrons will also receive a complimentary, ultra-rare collectible ICP Christmas CD single! So stop being a grinchy bitch and join now! For the full list of Carnival Christmas shows, see below!

Juggalos Against Sanity (Episode 2)
Join ICP and friends in Violent J’s game room as they play this madcap game of vulgar hilarity designed by Juggalos for Juggalos, which is not only offensive but sure to cross all lines of human decency. So kick back, blaze up, and get ready for the sickest and craziest humor to unfold that will have you laughing like a straight-up loooooooooon!

Juggalo Catch 21 Game Show (Celebrity Edition)
Get ready for this hilarious trivia game show that will test your entire span of Juggalo knowledge. For every correct question answered, the contestants will get to draw a card to either add it to their hand to try to get to 21 or give it to an opponent’s hand to bust them out! Whoever is still standing at the end, wins! Hosted by Jumpsteady, the contestants will be an all-celebrity cast of Psychopathic artists, including ICP!

ICP Investigates: The Fall of the Kottonmouth Kings
The Kottonmouth Kings have been one of the most prolific rap groups of all time. Their style of pot-inspired rap, punk, and rock has made them a Juggalo favorite since they performed at the first GOTJ back in the year 2000. However, they have seen their fair share of hardships, and over the years, the group would see numerous roaster changes until the band eventually fell apart, leaving only one of its original members left. Join ICP as they explore the sordid history of KMK and take an in-depth look at how it all started to unwind. They will also be joined by some very insightful guests as they ask the hard questions such as…”Where is Brad X?”

Zen of Love (Episode 3)
Looking for love advice from the Insane Clown Posse? Then look no further! This R-Rated show will answer whatever questions you have about love, sex, and relationships in the most raw-dog way possible, because the Wicked Clowns will tell you the straight troooooff! So light the candles, grab the baby oil, and allow Shaggy Stretchnnuts and Violent J, aka The Maker of Love, to take you on a journey to the Tunnel of Love as only a Juggalo can. If you would like to ask a question on the show, write into with your request and someone will reach out to you to set it up; please include a phone number.

Juggalo Night Court (Episode 3)
Judge Jumpsteady presides in this infamous courtroom where ICP are the court-appointed lawyers and the losers must spin on the dreaded Wheel of Bone to see which of the 13 punishments they will have to endure. The twist for this show is that the lawyer on the losing side will also have to endure the punishment along with them! You are the Juggalo Jury and will be able to vote on who you think is the victor of each case. If you have a dispute with someone and both parties would like to settle the conflict on Juggalo Night Court, then write into and someone will reach out to you to set it up; please include a phone number.

ICP’s Favorite Shit on YouTube
With all the content on YouTube, sometimes you need some help from your homies to point you in the right direction on what is actually good. Well, get ready to get hooked up as ICP and Jumpsteady share with you their favorite YouTube channels that will shed some insight into their demented minds. More than a few of these might become your favorites as well.

JCW’s Bring Down the House (Part 2)
The first JCW’s Bring Down the House almost destroyed Violent J’s house, as the wrestlers pummeled each other to near death and broke pretty much fucking everything. EPIC! For this special JCW event, there is no ring or rules as wrestlers attempt to take out their opponents using whatever furniture, objects, or animals are readily at hand. This level of destruction to bodies and property is on a scale seldom seen, as blood, pots and pans, vases, family photos, chairs, and all types of crazy sh*t will fly in all directions. Don’t miss this awesome and unique wrestling event that is sure to blow your dome piece off your headpiece!

Juggalo Gong Show (Episode 2)

This chaotic game show hosted by Jumpsteady is one of your best chances to be seen by the Juggalo World! Anyone can compete by taking to the stage to display whatever talent they possess: be it skateboard tricks, singing, blowing a trumpet with your anus, magic tricks, rapping — the possibilities are endless! Contestants who don’t come correct will be gonged. But those that last till the end will be rated by ICP themselves, with the Top 3 winning prizes! All the while, there will be lap-dancing man babies, sword-wielding werewolves, glitter showers, and giant whacky wiggling inflatable tube men! DOPE! So don’t miss this show that is sure to please, tease, and cause you to bounce like Double Ds! If you would like to be a contestant on the Juggalo Gong show, then send us an email to and someone will reach out to you to set it up; please include your talent and phone number.

The Holiday Clown Cookoff
Perplexed at what delicacies to make for your family coming over for the holidays? Well, worry no more because ICP has you covered! Join us for this very educational and informative cooking show where Violent J, Shaggy 2 Dope, and Jumpsteady (who all really have no place in the kitchen) will show you how to create some of their favorite holiday meals. Whether or not they are truly edible remains to be seen.

ICP’s Late Night Funhouse Talk Show

This tried-and-true favorite has now become a Scrub Time Network staple. You never know who the guests of this talk show are going to be! With ICP hosting the show and featuring guests who go way, way, WAY back, this show is extremely insightful for putting a spotlight on all the most important ninjas who helped ICP become the icons that they are. Do not miss this!

Big Ballas Presents: ICP’s…Santa’s a Fat Bitch Show
Christmas is all about spending time with family, so what better way to do so than gathering with your Juggalo Family on Christmas Day to watch the Insane Clown Posse perform for their very special Santa’s a Fat Bitch Show! If you can’t be there in person, then watching this event online is the next best thing to fill you with the Dark Carnival spirit for the holidays! And don’t forget that everyone who subscribes will also receive a free ICP Christmas CD single! So put that in your stocking as a Christmas present to yourself, cause you deserve it homie! Whoop whoop!