Brandon Boyd - "Dime In The Dryer"
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Brandon Boyd Debuts “Dime In My Dryer” Single From Upcoming ‘Echoes and Cocoons’ Album

The distinctive nature of Brandon Boyd’s forthcoming album, ECHOES AND COCOONS (pre-order at ), is as evident in the newest single “Dime In My Dryer” as in the other singles that have been released thus far – “Pocket Knife” and “Petrichor.” SPIN describes the newest track as ‘curiously textured’ and today you can hear it for yourself.

“Dime In My Dryer” is a tale of discovery of what is important in life when forced to slow down.  “It was in the relative silence of a world mostly shut down that I noticed how loud things had been in the before-times,” explains Brandon. “Not the obvious part of my life that is governed by big sounds and traveling, no, but that chatter or noise that emits from our shared experience as people. All of a sudden it would stop for brief intervals and in those gaps is where I began to see the parts of my life and my general experience that offered more signal and less noise.”

What is the signal and what is the noise?  How do we tell in a world filled with social media bias, human rights violations, global warming and all manner of other things designed to distract us and draw our ire?

Deftly utilizing proverbs to illustrate his point, Brandon explains of the title “The proverbial dime in my dryer… There it was, spinning around, topsy-turvy, a jumbled load of yesterday’s linens, but somewhere in there lurked a tiny metal sphere, clanking and pinging in occasional rhythms, even catching the light periodically and shimmering like winks in the spin cycle, singing out to anyone sitting still enough to hear its song.”

The stillness may be on its way out as a rule, but in your precious still moments you can pre-order and listen to ECHOES AND COCOONS, out March 11, 2022 via Wit Hustle/ The Orchard.

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