The Misfits® Fiend Lager

The Misfits® Fiend Lager — Horror Punk Icons Launch Craft Beer Collaboration With KnuckleBonz and Calicraft Brewing Co.

Attention Misfits fans! — KnuckleBonz and Calicraft Brewing Co. are working together to bring amazingly crafted, iconic branded beers for the music super fan. The latest release, Misfits® Fiend Lager (5.78% ABV), will be available through major grocery chains and beverage retailers throughout California and Arizona. This soon-to-be iconic brew is now available for pre-sale online at CraftShack®(

“Our new Fiend Lager has a thirst crushing bite with a brew so crisp its bone chilling!!” — Jerry Only, Misfits

The Misfits Fiend Lager is also offered through CraftShack to bring the beer to Misfits fiends and beer lovers in many other states in the US — Click Here! The Misfits beer ships nationwide with some exclusions based on individual state laws. CraftShack is the premier online marketplace and platform for specialty craft beers and spirits delivered to your door.

First 500 Customers Receive a Free Poster — Misfits fans who order first will receive a limited-edition collectible poster included free with their order. This poster only ships to the first 500 customers.

The Misfits® Fiend Lager

The Misfits ( Forty years ago, at the dawn of the punk movement in April 1977, the Misfits were born. They made history creating a legacy that has truly withstood the test of time. Today, boasting a massive catalog of music, and an influence felt around the world, the Misfits are generating more interest than ever.

KnuckleBonz, Inc. ( is a music merchandising company focused on the creation of high-end products for music enthusiasts since 2003. KnuckleBonz is committed to fine craftsmanship and artistry and has developed the Rock Iconz®, 3D Vinyl™ and On Tour™ collectible series. With a passion for music and a drive to make the highest quality products possible, this collaboration on the music-based craft beer line emphasizes that KnuckleBonz is solely focused on offering quality products specifically for the music superfan.

Calicraft Brewing Co. ( started with a passion for crafted beverages, with the belief that better products can create a better world. Beverages can be more than delicious; they can solve problems and support sustainability. Whether through collaborations, sourcing or storytelling, our products strive to be both delicious and meaningful. Our products reflect our values and beliefs.

Misfits® Fiend Lager
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