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Harridan Vodka’s 2022 “Paranormal Reserve” Was Aged Next To The Legendary Annabelle Doll!

Just in time for Halloween, Harridan Vodka today releases its most terrifying offering ever: the “Paranormal Reserve – Annabelle Edition,” a limited collection of 666 bottles rested for 30 days at the Occult Museum in Monroe, Conn (750ml, 44% ABV, SRP $199), available now at www.shopharridan.com.

The museum is home to the infamous Annabelle doll, which was reportedly demonically possessed in the 1970s and inspired the Annabelle horror movies including Annabelle, Annabelle: Creation and Annabelle Comes Home.

“We are a brand fascinated by the uncanny and unexplained, so this year we wanted to bring the Reserve to one of the most well-known paranormal institutions in the world,” says Bridgette Tayor, CEO, President & Founder, Harridan Vodka. “We partnered with the Occult Museum, which houses some of the most terrifying artifacts in the U.S., most notably the infamous Annabelle doll. Given that the museum is now closed to the public, the Paranormal Reserve is the closest that fans of horror and the occult will get to the doll.”

The Most Chilling Bottle of All: The 666th

The 666th bottle of Paranormal Reserve was placed directly in front of Annabelle’s case, which was opened by the museum’s proprietor, Tony Spera. The bottle was then rested inside Annabelle’s original case, built by Ed Warren, for 30 days. The bottle, priced at $13,000, is packaged in a one-of-a-kind wooden case that is a replica of Annabelle’s current confines. It will be available for purchase at www.convivewines.com/the-harridan-paranormal-reserve.

Bespoke Packaging Befits a Terrifying Offering

Paranormal Reserve is packaged in a bespoke engraved wooden box featuring a functional Ouija board on its lid. It comes with a certificate of authenticity, as well as gloves for handling the bottle. The back of the label is inscribed with “Help Me, Help Us,” which was inspired by the mysterious parchment notes purportedly found by Annabelle’s original owner in her apartment.

The Paranormal Reserve Box Set
The Paranormal Reserve Box Set
The Annabelle Case: Investigated by Ed and Lorraine Warren

The doll was initially given by a mother to her daughter as a gift for graduating from nursing school. At first, the doll seemed benign, but began to exhibit increasingly disturbing behavior, like moving on its own and even leaving handwritten parchment notes.

Ed and Lorraine Warren, two of the nation’s most famous demonologists and paranormal investigators were called to investigate the case, and deemed it demonically possessed. The couple took the doll and enclosed it in a glass case, becoming part of their collection at what later became the Occult Museum.

A Follow-Up to a Successful First Edition

Last year, for its first edition of the Paranormal Reserve, Harridan Vodka rested 60 bottles across three haunted locations in the U.S.: The Conjuring House, the Villisca Axe Murder House and the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum.

Benefiting Toys for Tots

A portion of all Paranormal Reserve sales will benefit Toys for Tots, transforming the legacy of a toy that embodied evil into a positive force today.

About Harridan Vodka
Founded in 2020 by Bridgette Taylor, Harridan Vodka (750ml, 44% ABV, SRP $60) is an ultra-premium, certified organic vodka double-distilled from New York State corn. The “Spirit of Defiance,” this female-owned and operated handcrafted spirit defies the vodka category by having a complex, sippable flavor profile, and defies the spirits industry overall with its unabashed feminism and fascination with the occult. Painstakingly crafted with the care and attention usually reserved for whiskey and tequila, this gluten-free luxury vodka is igniting a Vodka Renaissance. Harridan Vodka is packaged in a reusable bottle made from recycled glass and eschews any single-use plastic. For more information, please visit www.harridan.com and follow us on Instagram at @harridanvodka.