Tommy Howell - Whiskey Demon
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TOMMY HOWELL Releases “Whiskey Demon” Single From Forthcoming EP

Tommy (C. Thomas) Howell has officially released “Whiskey Demon,” the second single off his upcoming EP today. This single follows the success of “Rose Hill”, Tommy’s debut single, which introduced Tommy’s fans to his musical gifts, something he’d been itching to do for years. “Whiskey Demon”, which started as a fun exercise for Tommy to see how many brands of whiskey he could fit into a story, evolved into a therapeutic experience for The Outsiders actor.

Howell, like many, grew up in a family affected by the consequences of alcoholism. Tommy recalls, “All of my family, including myself, are addicts and have suffered in different ways. And really that’s what this song represents, the demons that we all have, whether it’s alcohol or not, and recognizing responsibility and the pain that comes with irresponsibility.”

On the surface, “Whiskey Demon”, co-written by Kevin Lee, is a fun, driving southern-rock inspired song, rich with detailed story-telling, but the inspiration from personal experience adds a level of depth that Howell loves “There’s some authenticity and some truth to the song that doesn’t really hit you over the head, and that’s what I like about it.”

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