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2XO Kentucky Straight Bourbon: Renowned American Whiskey Blender DIXON DEDMAN Releases The Phoenix Blend!

Renowned American whiskey blender Dixon Dedman is proud to release The Phoenix Blend, the first in a series of small batch bourbon blends from his new brand, 2XO Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. Brought to market through Prestige Beverage Group, The Phoenix Blend will be available in select markets nationwide in limited quantities, and online at ReserveBar, with a suggested retail price of $100.

The Phoenix Blend symbolizes Dedman’s re-entry into the world of bourbon after stepping away from Kentucky Owl, a brand he relaunched in 2014 in homage to a whiskey his great-great-grandfather had once made. “I named The Phoenix Blend very intentionally,” said Dixon, “like a new beginning, 2XO aims to create something unique in American whiskey, and every release will strive to achieve something special. The initial response to The Phoenix Blend has been very well received. I couldn’t be more excited for this next chapter.”

2XO, meaning Two Times Oak, refers to Dixon’s unique blending process where he re-barrels his hand-selected aged whiskey into new charred oak barrels to create a unique combination of intense flavors, character, and complexity with each blend. The Phoenix Blend is a blend of Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskeys composed of two proprietary mash bills from different distilling partners – one a moderate rye content and the other a very high rye bourbon mash bill.

Dixon Dedman
Renowned American whiskey blender Dixon Dedman

On the palate, The Phoenix Blend is viscous with notes of caramel and vanilla on the front, moving to bright ripe red fruit in the middle, and finishing with a mild peppery spice.

The Phoenix Blend will be followed by two new, small batch blend releases and a single barrel release in each consecutive year. Each small batch blend will be different, bearing a distinctive name and symbol inspired by Dixon’s passion to innovate, collaborate, and create high-quality liquids with unique characteristics and profiles.

The Phoenix Blend, and all 2XO Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskeys, will be brought to market through Prestige Beverage Group, an industry leading importer and brand innovator of award-winning wines and spirits. Together, Dixon and Prestige Beverage Group aim to offer the most unique, sought-after whiskey blends to spirits enthusiasts everywhere. Learn more about 2XO, The Phoenix Blend at www.2xowhiskey.com and follow @2xowhiskey on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

About Dixon Dedman
Dixon Dedman is a 41-year old master blender who has quickly established himself as one of the most prolific American whiskey blenders in the industry. He grew up on the Kentucky whiskey trail infusing the learnings from industry legends with his culinary expertise from running his James Beard award winning Beaumont Inn, which has been in his family for over a century. Dixon is best known for his high-proof, robust Kentucky Owl Straight Bourbon and Rye Whiskey blends, a brand he relaunched in 2014 from his great-great grandfather, C.M. Dedman, after it went dark in 1916 around the time of Prohibition. His blends have garnered awards and recognition, earning their place among the finest American whiskeys in recent memory. He has been featured in The New York Times, Forbes, Robb Report, Playboy, Garden & Gun Magazine, The Whiskey Advocate and more.

About Prestige Beverage Group
Founded in 1974, Prestige Beverage Group is an industry leading importer and brand owner of award-winning wines and spirits from around the globe. Prestige’s portfolio of 70-plus brands includes Kinky Beverages, Risata Wines, Yes Way Rosé, Windsor Canadian, and INDOGGO Gin. From product conception and brand development, to packaging design and engaging marketing initiatives, Prestige continues to meet consumer preferences and anticipate industry trends. For more information about Prestige and its innovative brands, please visit www.prestigebevgroup.com.