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Official Cast For New Season of ‘Are You The One?’ Unveiled By Paramount+

Paramount+  has revealed a stacked lineup of international contestants for the upcoming global edition of the dating competition series ARE YOU THE ONE? The new season will premiere exclusively on the service Wednesday, Jan. 18 in the U.S. and Canada and roll out in the U.K., Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Austria on Thursday, Jan. 19, in Latin America on Wednesday, Feb. 8 and in Australia on Thursday, Feb 14. Relationship expert and TV host Kamie Crawford will host the first-of-its-kind global edition that will take contestants to Gran Canaria, Spain.

Check out the trailer for the series and the official roster below!

Meet the ARE YOU THE ONE? season nine contestants:


  • Anissa Aguilar / United States of America
  • Brooke Rachman / United States of America
  • Ciara “CC” Cortez / United States of America
  • Courtney Rowe / United Kingdom
  • Danielle Bonaparte / United States of America
  • Dew Anderson / Spain
  • Jordanne Deveaux / United States of America
  • Julia-Ruth Smith / New Zealand
  • Mijntje Lupgens / Netherlands
  • Rosalyn “Roz” Odujebe / Ireland
  • Taylor Kelly / United States of America


  • Aqel Carson / United States of America
  • Brendan Mosca / Australia
  • Clayton Carey / Australia
  • Eduardo Dickson Jr. / United States of America
  • Hamudi Hasoon / New Zealand
  • Leo Svete / United States of America
  • Michael “Mikey” Owusu / United Kingdom
  • Nathan Grant / United Kingdom
  • Oliver “Ollie” Andersen / United Kingdom
  • Shamal “Samuel” Khan / United Kingdom
  • William Gagnon / United States of America

In the most ambitious dating experiment ever attempted, 22 recently single men and women from around the globe were put through an extensive matchmaking process to find their “perfect match.” Hailing from around the world and living together under one roof at an international location, these singles will have a shared goal: to find “the one.” Each week, the singles will have an opportunity to find their match, and if they can identify all 11 perfect matches at the same time, they’ll split a massive cash prize.

The global expansion turned a new leaf last season and broke barriers with its U.S. edition when it became the first sexually fluid reality dating competition show in the nation. From coming-out moments to discoveries of sexual and gender identity, it told powerful stories about navigating relationships and finding love as a sexually fluid individual for the first time on a reality dating show.

ARE YOU THE ONE? is produced by ITV Netherlands. Amy Boyle and Noah Moskin are Executive Producers. Sitarah Pendelton and Diana Morelli are Executive Producers for MTV Entertainment Studios with Matthew Parillo as Executive in Charge.

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