Five Nine Whiskey from Troll Co. Announces Nationwide Expansion

Five Nine Whiskey from Troll Co. Announces Nationwide Expansion!

If you’re looking for an exciting new whiskey experience to come into your life, look no further! Five Nine Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey is one to watch (and sample!) in 2023 as the brand broadens its reach!

Five Nine Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, the “Tools-Down Whiskey” by the Troll Co. lifestyle brand, has officially announced a nationwide expansion in 2023. Five Nine launched in 2022 and has been adopted by blue-collar Americans, many of whom are already fans of Troll Co. It will be available at retail locations in California, Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, Tennessee, Texas, Wisconsin, and Missouri and for purchase online at (SRP $44.99).

A high-rye whiskey made with 70% locally-grown Kentucky corn, Five Nine is named to honor creators, builders, fixers, and doers who don’t necessarily have a traditional nine-to-five workday, those who measure time by the grit on their hands, not the hands of the clock. It was created to celebrate small wins after a long day on a job, known as “Tools-Down” time.

“We wanted to give our fans a fantastic weekly ‘Tools Down’ experience, and that’s why we’re excited to be launching Five Nine Whiskey across the country in retail stores and bars,” says Troll Co. cofounder Justin Lazerte. Cofounder Jason Temblay adds, “Because our community inspired Five Nine Whiskey, our team says, ‘it’s whiskey by us, for us’.”

Troll Co. was founded in 2017 by friends Justin Lazerte and Jason Tremblay who worked long, dirty – but rewarding – hours in the oil refining industry. They grew the company through trial and error plus a whole lot of grit and determination and a passion for supporting their fellow blue-collar workers, people who work from sunup until sundown to keep America running, but are often underappreciated.

Today, Troll Co. is a successful lifestyle brand, known for merchandise featuring phrases like “Dirty Hands Clean Money” and “Support Blue Collar” that resonate with a growing community of more than 1.7 million fans online. The company was built as a robust e-commerce, direct-to-consumer platform but will also be launching in brick and mortar stores in 2023. Troll Co. is committed to honoring military families with a portion of every purchase going to veteran charities; to date, it has donated more than $300,000 to charity organizations including Boot Campaign and Fisher House.

In 2021, Justin and Jason asked their fans what they wanted next from Troll Co., and a whiskey was at the top of the list. They turned to Rick Tremblay, Jason’s uncle and branding expert, to bring the whiskey vision to life. “For years I saw Jason and Justin working long, hard hours in the oil fields and every weekend they would toast their small wins with a shot of whiskey,” says Rick, founder of Five Nine Whiskey. “When we polled the Troll Co. community for ideas, we heard many similar stories.”

The team traveled to Kentucky, which led them to the 10th oldest distillery in the state, located in Owensboro. While visiting the distillery, Justin and Jason immediately recognized the same commitment to quality they demand of themselves, so they knew they had found the partner to craft their whiskey.

About Five Nine Whiskey

Five Nine Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey is the “Tools-Down Whiskey” by the Troll Co. lifestyle brand, celebrating blue-collar America. Named to honor creators, builders, fixers, and doers, Five Nine Whiskey was developed to recognize small wins after a long day. It is made at the 10th oldest distillery in Kentucky, located in Owensboro. Five Nine is a high-rye whiskey, 90 proof and 45% ABV. For more information, visit and follow on Instagram at @fiveninewhiskey. To learn more about Troll Co., visit