District Made - Bottled in Bond

DC’s District Made Spirits Announces Bottled In Bond Bourbon Release

There is something amazing brewing in our Nation’s capitol! Washington, DC’s District Made Spirits has officially announced its annual Bottled in Bond* release, this one a bourbon. Distilled in April 2015 from a 2014 harvest of rye and corn, District Made Spirits filled seven barrels with High-Rye Bourbon before the team hand-selected the three best to create the 2023 release.

Bottles (SRP $80.00) are available March 3 at the distillery and at retail shops in DC and MD. Nationwide shipping will be available online beginning in March.

“We’re thrilled to release District Made Spirits’ fifth Bottled in Bond expression,” says Alex Laufer, Co-Founder & CEO. “This is our oldest release yet, and at over 7 years in age we are thrilled by the balance of grain character from our High-Rye mashbill and the influence of stellar barrels from Independent Stave Company. For the first time we blended three barrels for 2023’s Bottled in Bond release, allowing us to share this expression with a wider audience.“

On first sip, District Made Bottled in Bond Bourbon bursts with the taste flavors of sweet citrus fruits and white peppercorns, surrounded by a cloud of cherry cola. The layers of spice build with each taste, showcasing cinnamon red hots mingled with toasted almonds and anise, and it all stays with you until the end of the ride.

District Made Spirits embodies the essence of Washington, DC, with five adventurous rye-forward spirits true to the hardworking values and terroir of the Mid-Atlantic. Each of District Made Spirits’ core bottlings – Vodka, Gin, Barrel-Rested Gin, Bourbon, and Rye explores the Abruzzi rye grain’s signature “spice box” of flavors.

* The first consumer law created was the Bottled in Bond Act of 1897 to guarantee the authenticity of a whiskey with a series of requirements that included only whiskey made from one distillery in one distillation season, aged at least four years in bonded warehouses, and bottled at 100 proof. District Made Bottled in Bond Bourbon honors this designation and the region.