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Acclaimed True Crime Podcaster PAYNE LINDSEY Launches “High Strange” Investigative UFO Podcast

Renowned podcast creator and host, Payne Lindsey aims to unearth one of the most persistent unsolved mysteries of our time: UFOs. Widely acknowledged for his work in the true crime space, Lindsey’s “High Strange” brings his investigative background to a whole new world on March 23, 2023.  Check out the official trailer here >

From the creators of “Up and Vanished” and “Radio Rental,” listeners will join Lindsey on an epic adventure to Roswell, New Mexico, Area 51, and more, as he shines light on real-life coverups, infamous cases, common UFO misconceptions, and government secrecy. The series tackles fact from fiction when exploring the strange happenings within this complex phenomenon, aiming to break the stigma surrounding the topic of UFOs. 

Part investigative and part historical, the eight-episode limited series will hear a variety of first-person accounts from UFO sightings; a sampling of highlights are below:

  • Travis Walton, who was infamously abducted in 1975 and missing for five days, with six other witnesses present
  • Charles Halt and Jim Penniston, In Suffolk, England, retired Air Force officers encountered a UFO that landed on their military base in 1980, in what is now known as the Rendlesham Forest Incident
  • Ryan Graves and Kevin Day, two Navy pilots who witnessed the modern day UFO encounters known now as “Tic Tac” and “Go Fast.”  These videos were linked from the Pentagon and published by the New York Times in 2017. The Pentagon later responded saying the videos are real and they don’t know what they are.
Payne Lindsey – Photo by Kristian Zuniga

“High Strange” is produced by Tenderfoot TV, in partnership with Cadence13 and hosted by renowned true crime podcaster and award-winning documentary filmmaker, Payne Lindsey.

Payne Lindsey has always had a strong interest in documenting the world around him. At a young age, he developed a peculiar fascination with all things mysterious. This curiosity has propelled Lindsey to immerse himself in complex true crime stories, and over the past seven years, he’s investigated a number of missing persons cases, prompting multiple arrests and convictions. Over the course of his work, Lindsey has garnered hundreds of millions of listeners worldwide, and established himself as a top podcaster in the industry. Now in 2023, his focus is shifting to another obscurity, and one of the most persistent unsolved mysteries of our time: Unexplained Aerial Phenomena.