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Paramount+ To Launch ‘Thalia’s Mixtape: El Soundtrack De Mi Vida’ Docuseries In May!

Paramount+ has announced that THALIA’S MIXTAPE: EL SOUNDTRACK DE MI VIDA, a three-part music docuseries starring global music superstar Thalia, will premiere exclusively on the service Tuesday, May 2 in the U.S. and Canada. The series will also premiere on Wednesday, May 3 in the U.K., Australia, Latin America, Brazil, Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Thalia’s new album, Thalia’s Mixtape, will be released on April 28 by Sony Music.

In THALIA’S MIXTAPE: EL SOUNDTRACK DE MI VIDA, Thalia, who also serves as creator and executive producer, takes the audience on a musical journey, uncovering the classics that inspired generations of artists and created the current Latin music landscape seen today. Through a combination of interviews, found footage and modern renditions of classic hits by today’s biggest stars, the series revisits the history of Latin music and uncovers the future of the genre in an intimate way not yet seen before.

“This has been my most personal project,” said Thalia. “Four years ago, the idea and concept of the mixtape of my life was born in my mind and heart. This docuseries goes through the songs that influenced my path, forging my destiny. I talk to my lifelong idols, the artists behind these legendary songs that marked entire generations with their music. In this series we delve into the stories and origins of these compositions, and as an absolute fan of these great artists, I have the honor of performing these musical gems with them. It’s an incomparable gift.”

“This has been a labor of love for Thalia,” says executive producer Tommy Mottola, “to relive and bring to life the music and the most popular songs of her teenage years, and to document and perform in the film with the original artists is a lifelong dream.”

“Collaborating with people you admire will always be a dream in whatever your line of work. THALIA’S MIXTAPE is the perfect blend of documentary and musical, yet another example of the timeless impact Thalia has had and continues to have on music and culture,” said Ntertain Studios executive producers Lex Borrero and Santiago Zapata.


  • “Vinyl, Cassettes and Rock in Spanish” – Thalia meets Charly Alberti and Rocco Pachukote and performs their classic hit songs with them.
  • “Burning Tires and CDs” – Thalia meets with David Summers and Kenia Os and performs classic Latin rock anthems with them.
  • “From Mixtapes to Playlists: The Digital Revolution” – Thalia performs “La Muralla Verde” from Enanitos Verdes with Bruses and Ben Carrillo. Then she covers “Florecita Rockera” by Aterciopelados with Leon Leiden.

Bruce Gilmer and Amanda Culkowski serve as executive producers for MTV Entertainment Studios. Tommy Mottola, Lex Borrero, Ivanni Rodriguez and Santiago Zapata executive produce for Ntertain Studios, with Zapata and Simon Brand as showrunners. Executives for Sony Music US Latin include Afo Verde, Alex Gallardo, Izzy de Jesus and Soraya Ramirez. Rafa Arcaute and Aureo Baqueiro serve as music producers.