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Fozzy Saves The World! — Chris Jericho & Company Blow The Roof Off of Baltimore With Epic Live Show!

The term greatest showman is thrown around a lot. Few people can truly live up to the term quite like Chris Jericho. Wrestler, entertainer, singer, author, podcast extraordinaire, and boat captain are just a few of the accomplishments Le Champion has on his belt.  A year ago we had the opportunity to check out the latest album from the Ocho’s rock powerhouse, Fozzy. The album in question, “Boombox,” was a 12-track stadium rock record that was the definition of fun in music form. It’s quickly become one of my favorite albums from 2022, and I couldn’t wait to see what the live show had in store.

On this current run, the “Save the World Tour” sees Fozzy joined by Las Vegas’s The Nocturnal Affair and Christian Rock powerhouse, Seventh Day Slumber. It was around 7pm when TNA set the town for the night. I was unfamiliar with the alternative metal set prior to the night but I won’t make that mistake again. It’s wild to me that this band is relatively knew, releasing their debut single just two years ago. They put on a phenomenal show that included eight original jams and two covers! Their rendition of Depeche Mode’s “It’s No Good” is my personal favorite.

Taking the stage next, straight from Dallas, Texas is Seventh Day Slumber. This is a band I’ve heard about in passing. Growing up I was very much into the Christian Metal scene. Bands like For Today, Underoath, and Close Your Eyes were in constant rotation. While my forte remained in the heavier scene, SDS were a band that were always being mentioned. While not necessarily my thing, I would be lying if I said they didn’t absolutely kill it!

It was time for the main event, pun intended. I had only ever experienced Jericho’s wrestling persona live, this was my first experience with Fozzy. The set kicked off with “Boombox” opener, “Sane”! From the moment they walked on stage, the audience was cheering. Chants of Fozzy filled the room any time the band stopped playing. The most notable moment has to be when the band played “Enemy”. Halfway through the song guitarists Rich Ward and Billy Grey played duel solos for at least two minutes. It was one of the coolest moments in rock I’ve witnessed. This incredible show was backed by visuals of anime and horror movies. It was truly the perfect combination.

Overall it was a fantastic show. No doubt, Chris Jericho knows how to control a crowd. Fozzy is on the cusp of taking that next step toward greatness. I can’t wait to see what’s next. If you have the opportunity to check them out live, do it!