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BUSH Unveil Official Music Video For “Nowhere To Go But Everywhere”

BUSH has dropped the official music video for their new track “Nowhere To Go But Everywhere” off their first ever Greatest Hits collection – Loaded: The Greatest Hits 1994-2023. The album is set to release on November 10th.

Rossdale on the video; “While anyone can identify with clinging to the past which the song addresses, the extremes we’ve seen some people go to for external youth is unnerving. It is a drag watching your own face age – and yet as, David Bowie said “The thing about aging is you become the person you should have been all along.” — Genius. And feels true.”

BUSH will perform at Grammy Museum in Downtown LA on Monday November 6, in celebration of the Greatest Hits release coming Friday, November 10th. — Get tickets here!

Bush will also be starting their Fall North American Tour on November 14th. —  Click here for tour dates!

Loaded: The Greatest Hits 1994-2023 – Track Listing

Everything Zen

Little Things





Greedy Fly

Mouth (The Stingray Mix)

The Chemicals Between Us

Letting The Cables Sleep

The People That We Love


The Only Way Out

The Sound of Winter

This Is War

Bullet Holes

Flowers On A Grave

The Kingdom

More Than Machines

Nowhere To Go But Everywhere

Come Together