Back To The Future Day 2023
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Fathom Events & Universal Pictures Announce Additional Date For “Back To The Future” Theatrical Screenings!

It’s time to hop into Doc Brown’s DeLorean and go back in time to celebrate Back To The Future Day, as Fathom Events and Universal Pictures present a special screening of the 1985 sci-fi classic “Back To The Future” flying back into theaters nationwide on Saturday, October 21 – the same day that the film’s heroes Marty McFly and Doc Brown famously landed in the year 2015 in “Back To The Future Part II.”

An additional date has been scheduled due to an overwhelming fan response to the event so, in addition to the October 21st date, October 25th has been added.

Exclusive to the Fathom Event is a special sneak peek into the making of the film with “AN ALTERNATE FUTURE: LOST AUDITION TAPES!”  Fans will get a glimpse of what “Back To The Future” could have been with rare audition footage featuring actors Ben Stiller, Kyra Sedgwick, Jon Cryer, and more.

It’s the original, ground-breaking adventure that sparked one of the most successful trilogies ever! When teenager Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) is blasted to 1955 in the DeLorean time machine created by the eccentric Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd), he finds himself mixed up in a time-shattering chain reaction that could vaporize his future-and leave him trapped in the past.  Powered by innovative special effects, unforgettable songs and non-stop action, “Back To The Future” is an unrivaled adventure that stands the test of time.  Lea Thompson, Crispin Glover, and Tom Wilson also star.

The Oscar®-winning epic is executive produced by Steven Spielberg, and directed and co-written by acclaimed filmmaker Robert Zemeckis, and continues to influence and inspire new generations of fans with its dynamic special effects, beloved characters, and innovative storytelling.