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AMERICAN METAL Launches Small-Batch Whiskey Handcrafted for Motorcycle and Hot Rod Enthusiasts

American Metal Customs, an award-winning custom shop specializing in building and restoring classic cars and motorcycles, is excited to announce the debut of its very own line of small-batch American Metal Whiskey. This boutique whiskey brand is an extension of the American Metal custom shop based in Danbury, CT, which builds stunning and unique machines that are the perfect blend of art, performance, and metal fabrication. American Metal Customs and American Metal Whiskey embody the spirit of American ingenuity and excellence while also sharing a commitment to world-class craftsmanship, an unwavering dedication to pushing the boundaries of what is possible, and a passion for creating custom cars, motorcycles, and award-winning whiskey.

American Metal Whiskey is created using the finest ingredients and traditional methods that celebrate the art of selecting, aging, and blending, while the packaging creatively embodies elements of custom car and motorcycle culture. American Metal Whiskey currently offers a 90-proof whiskey that was born in Tennessee and aged in New England for up to five years, and a special limited edition run of 96-proof 10-year single barrel whiskey featuring hand-numbered bottles, that showcase their innovative approach to the craft.

“We’re beyond excited to bring American Metal Whiskey to motorcycle, hotrod, and whiskey enthusiasts across the U.S. In 2024 we plan to get face-to-face with audiences by sampling our new whiskey at a variety of core enthusiast events including the Mama Tried Motorcycle Show, Born Free Motorcycle Shows, Bar Convent Brooklyn, WhiskyFest NY and many others,” commented Josh Allison, master builder and co-founder of American Metal Customs. “As a whiskey lover, I take immense pride in the fact that we have created an ultra-premium whiskey infused with the same craftsmanship and attention to detail that goes into every custom car and motorcycle our team builds. The goal of American Metal Whiskey was to create a premium whiskey built specifically for rowdy people who love custom car and motorcycle culture,” mentioned Chris Bishop, owner and CEO of American Metal Whiskey.

American Metal Whiskey
The ultra-premium 90-proof American whiskey and limited-run 96-proof 10-year single-barrel whiskey are now available online and at select retailers in the U.S.

The 90-proof whiskey recently scored a 92 in the Ultimate Spirits Challenge with a rating of “excellent” and “highly recommended.” It’s a smooth and distinctly American whiskey that can be served neat with a single ice cube or enjoyed in a cocktail. Its taste features notes of freshly baked peach cobbler and cinnamon apples. It remains smooth and balanced on the palate with hints of crème brulé, soft caramel, and candied orange peel before clove and black pepper emerge after each sip. The high corn mash bill is apparent at the finish and the sweetness returns with a lingering warmth. The 90-proof whiskey is available in uniquely designed 750ml, 375ml, and 50ml bottles. The 750ml bottle is now available online for $49.99 MSRP.

American Metal’s 10-year Single Barrel Whiskey is a limited-edition whiskey that exudes a rich color that reflects the extra years of aging in new charred American Oak barrels. The initial tasting note is a sweet aromatic mix of caramel, toast, corn, and butterscotch. It has a light and creamy sweetness of cherry, roasted vanilla, and dark honey and a rising residual finish reminiscent of much older scotch whiskeys. You will find this whiskey unexpectedly subtle, well-balanced, and extremely rewarding. The 750ml bottles are hand-numbered and available online through the American Metal Whiskey website while supplies last for $214 MSRP.

American Metal Whiskey is available in select bars, restaurants, and liquor stores in the U.S. American Metal Whiskey is to be enjoyed responsibly and only by consumers of legal drinking age. American Metal will adhere to all responsible marketing practices. Legal drinking-age adults can purchase the bottles online and delivered directly to households in 41 states and DC, (not including AK, AL, AR, HI, MI, MS, NC, OH, OK, SD, TN, and VT). Retailers interested in carrying these products should contact American Metal Whiskey at

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