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PINTER Launches in the U.S. — Home Beer Brewing Start-Up Offers Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deal!

Pinter, the fresh brewing pioneer from the U.K., is proudly launching in the U.S. The London-based home brewing success story – which TIME magazine called the “Invention of the Year” – is rolling out nationwide across the U.S., just in time for the holidays. Pinters start at $199 and are available to purchase nationwide from, and in select Ace Hardware stores.

Since Pinter was founded in 2020, it has revolutionized the making of fresh beer at home. With precision-engineered technology that combines fermentation, conditioning, and tapping into an all-in-one machine, Pinter allows beer aficionados to brew up to 12 pints in just 7 days. You simply take the Pinter, add the brewing ingredients, refrigerate for conditioning, and in a matter of days you are able to enjoy award-winning, sustainable fresh beer. Customers can choose from a range of preferred beer styles, or what Pinter likes to call Fresh Presses.  Fresh Presses are the craft behind Fresh Beer. These include Lager, Session IPA, Double IPA, West Coast IPA, Stout, Hefeweizen, and Cloudy Apple Cider, and retail at $30 each.

For the coming Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale window, Pinter will be offering a free Fresh Press for each machine purchased. Pinter Fresh Presses normally retail at $30 each, but customers will get one style for free for the period between Black Friday and Cyber Monday (11/14 – 11/27) at Consumers need to enter the code BLACKFRIDAY at checkout.

“We are thrilled to be bringing Pinter and our fresh brewing philosophy to the U.S., the biggest home brewing market in the world,” says Ralph Broadbent, Founder and CEO. “Nothing tastes better than beer you’ve brewed yourself, and Pinter delivers both maximum flavor and maximum freshness. With the high cost of living, we feel now is a particularly good time to launch in the U.S, as drinkers look to save money.  Pinter is also a win-win for the environment. Not only does it save cans from landfill, but it also creates less waste at home.”

The latest, next generation Pinter keg is the lead model available in the U.S. Compared with previous iterations, it has a lighter, more ergonomic design, and is made with recycled materials. This makes it much easier to use, particularly when full at 12-pint capacity.

Pinter also now comes with a revolutionary Active Pour Tap, which serves quality pints just like in a bar. It accommodates for different pressure levels inside the Pinter to deliver a pour that is clean, intuitive, and completely satisfying.  “When it comes to beer, fresh is best,” says Broadbent. “Freshness is fundamental to beer’s flavor, but over 75% of people are unaware of that fact. Drinking with the Pinter delivers beer at the optimum point for drinking; right after it has finished conditioning is when it is at its freshest and the flavor is at its peak. This is beer as fresh as it can possibly be.”

Pinter kegs are available in three colors: deep gray, electric blue, and rich red. Having a choice of colors is helpful for home brewing enthusiasts who like to make different micro brews at the same time – and color code depending on the style of the beer they are making.

Looking ahead, Broadbent continues: “Pinter really wants to form long lasting partnerships within America’s vibrant craft brew scene. We are currently talking with some of America’s most beloved breweries, so that beer fans can brew some of their favorite brands and styles in their own home.”

About Pinter:

The Greater Good Fresh Brewing Co. officially launched in 2020. Based in London’s craft beer hub of Walthamstow, it was founded to achieve what no brewery or beer company has been able to do; namely to enable Fresh Beer to be made and drunk at home. Pinter has since taken the brewing world by storm. Sales have grown six-fold to $7.5million over the past three years. It has amassed a community of 85,000 home brewers and has sold the equivalent of 4,500,000 pints. Pinter topped the Lightning 50, a  published list of the UK’s fastest growing e-commerce brands created by Brightpearl, a world leading retail operating system.