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RUDY LOVE & THE ENCORE Unveil “Broken Angel” — A Fiery New Pop-Rock Anthem!

2023 has been Rudy Love & The Encore’s biggest year yet, and there’s still more to come. From the release of their debut EP in September, to consistent touring, to collaborating with Elise Trouw, and even speaking at multiple music conferences, Love Jr. and his band have been on the rise, and show no signs of slowing down. Only two months after the release of their 7-track EP, The Beauty of Burdens, Rudy Love & The Encore are back with yet another single, “Broken Angel,” released via Midtopia.

Though the band is just now releasing “Broken Angel,” the song has been in their repertoire for years, and it shows in the song’s intricate arrangement. Love Jr. opens the song with a searing vocal run that sets the tone – at first quiet and brooding, but building bigger and bigger with each line in the verse, and crescendoing into explosive, grand choruses with an infectious hook. Even in the song’s quietest moments, the dynamic core can be felt in the band’s vibrant energy, and Love Jr.’s delicate yet expressive keys. Love Jr. shares, “We were extremely lucky to have a legendary mix from Brian Malouf (QueenMichael JacksonPearl Jam), the perfect person to help bring balance to our blend of rock/soul.”

Featuring Marrque Nunley (drums), Rachelle Love (percussionist), Willy Simms (guitar), and DJ Breathett (bass), the band’s distinct sound is rooted in Love Jr.’s signature blend of soul, funk, R&B and pop, and yet embraces new influences, in this case more rock sensibilities. With distorted electric guitar, and propulsive drums that build the song’s dynamic energy, and the added texture of synth accenting the song’s most grandiose moments, “Broken Angel” is the band’s take on a pop rock anthem, with all the added nuance and virtuosity they bring to the table.

Nunley talks about the inspiration behind the song: “We all moved to LA in the early 2010s. Long story short, it was not what it was cracked up to be. We all struggled and hit some of our lowest points while out there. We all moved back one by one and ‘Broken Angel’ kinda became the anthem for our collective experience in LA.”

With their consistent releases, touring, and growing audience, Rudy Love & The Encore are only just getting started, and are closing out the year with a bang with “Broken Angel.”

“Broken Angel” is available now via Midtopia. Purchase/Stream HERE.

About Rudy Love & the Encore

Rudy Love Jr is a singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist based in Wichita, Kansas whose music blends elements of soul, funk, and R&B to create a sound that is uniquely his own. Born into a musical family, Rudy’s love for music was instilled at an early age by his father, Rudy Love Sr., a renowned musician in his own right.

After several years of hypercompetitive hustle in the Los Angeles music scene (which included collaborating with world-renowned artists like Inglewood SiR and D Smoke, and opening for Anderson .Paak and Kamasi Washington), Rudy Jr. returned to Wichita in late 2015 to start writing the music he had a passion for, with the latest iteration of this being Rudy Love & The Encore.

Consisting of Rudy Jr. himself (vocals), Marrque Nunley (drums), Rachelle Love (percussionist), Willy Simms (guitar), and DJ Breathett (bass), Rudy Love & The Encore could arguably be interpreted as the zenith of Rudy Love Jr. in his element.