Heaven's Door — The Exploration Series

Heaven’s Door Spirits Unveils ‘The Exploration Series’

Heaven’s Door Spirits has officially announced The Exploration Series. This latest collection of limited expressions continues to redefine premium craft whiskey. Led by Master Distiller Ken Pierce and Master Blender Alex Moore, Heaven’s Door persistently strives to innovate with new finishing methods for a unique collection of limited-time offerings, enriching the whiskey experience.

Heaven’s Door will unveil two unique expressions under The Exploration Series banner annually, each standing as a testament to the brand’s dedication to pioneering the frontier of the whiskey category. Fueled by the restless and uncompromising spirit of co-founder Bob Dylan, the team behind Heaven’s Door draws inspiration from his ethos to continually push the boundaries of innovation with new blends, secondary finishes, and intriguing staves.

The collection’s debut release is deeply rooted in French influence, with meticulously incorporated elements of product, wood, and technique. The foundation comprises a blend of Heaven’s Door’s award-winning Tennessee Straight Bourbon Whiskey, culminating in a masterful finish inside freshly dumped Calvados Brandy casks before introducing an additional layer of complexity through medium-heavy toasted French oak staves.

Calvados, an apple brandy from Normandy, France, matures for at least two years in French Oak Casks. This imparts sought-after characteristics like fresh apple cider and baked apple brandy to the bourbon.

“Our new medium-heavy toasted French oak staves bring forth balanced complexity and enhanced aroma, culminating in a dark color and a smoother, creamier mouthfeel, providing a truly enriched flavor experience,” said Alex Moore. The heavy toast enhances baking notes associated with apples, including brown sugar, pastry, caramel, and biscuits.

Heaven’s Door whiskeys have consistently received widespread acclaim and recognition, reinforcing the brand’s dedication to crafting exceptional whiskeys. The inaugural expression of The Exploration Series is aged for at least 5 years, bottled at 108 proof, and available for $79.99 at heavensdoor.com and key retailers across the country. Explore more at heavensdoor.com.