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MATTY MATHESON Launches MATHESON FOOD COMPANY Featuring His Unique Takes On Dressings, Sauces and Mac & Cheese!

You might know him from the Emmy Award-winning series The Bear. Maybe you’ve eaten at one of his restaurants. Or maybe you have one of his New York Times best selling cookbooks. If there’s one thing to know about legendary Canadian Chef Matty Matheson, it’s that he never holds back on flavor.

Now his sights are set on building the next legacy in pantry staples through Matheson Food Company. Born from a simple intention to put classic, high-quality, consistently craveable, everyday goods in the hands of the people.

“I’ve always felt we needed to have sauces and dressings that taste the way I cook,” shares Matheson. “I wanted people anywhere and everywhere to have my big, punchy flavors in their homes.”

Matty enlisted award-winning brand design studio Wedge to translate the vision into an enduring legacy brand. “Our role was to translate Matty’s ethos into a lasting brand that reflects his signature: Bold. Punchy. Memorable. Flavor. A brand that is focused on the product, can expand across various categories in the future, and inspire home cooks everywhere.”

The brand quietly debuted in late 2023 with products from his childhood memories: BBQ sauces and salad dressings that are now available Canada-wide. And as a family company delivering products meant to be enjoyed by yours, a few recipes connect to personal anecdotes, “Our Green Olive Dressing is an ode to my mother in law Carol. Our Original BBQ Sauce is based on my dad’s original for ribs and chicken.” All recipes are crafted, tasted, and tested with care by Matty himself. Including the perfectly garlicky, soon-releasing Burn Your Tongue Caesar, “Our Caesar dressing is so fire with lettuce and meats. I tested so many batches before landing on the tastiest ones for you. Pour it, dip it, chug it!”

Now, Matty is ready to formally launch Matheson Food Company with the release of Macaroni and Cheese, the brand’s third flagship product and a staple that Matty grew up on and loves making for his kids. Offered across three flavors like Original, “It’s tangy, it’s bold, it’s not just for the kiddos. A crowd pleaser with the perfect spoonful of cheesy noodles to fill your belly.” Cracked Pep Pep which Matty describes as “creamy luxury with a peppery finish.” And Creamy Smoky Mac with a “subtle smoky hint and rich finish that’ll have you going back for seconds and thirds.” The lineup uniquely features a thicker, shorter noodle for a satisfying bite. Matty recently released a Mac & Cheese with Chicken Fried Lobster recipe using the new Matheson Food Company products.

Matheson Food Company is a dedication to bringing extra love into home cooking and Matty-approved integrity in every bite, with more products set to arrive soon. Matheon Food Company is now sold across Canada in Walmart, Farm Boy, Loblaws, and other major and independent retailers with US expansion on the horizon.

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