Miller High Life Dive Bar Hot Sauce
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MILLER HIGH LIFE Teams With Chef Sam Davis-Allonce For Fiery New Creation — “Dive Bar Hot Sauce”

From the brand that brought you Ice Cream Dive Bars and Bar Snack Truffles, comes the latest collaboration to spice up your taste buds. Introducing Dive Bar Hot Sauce – a culinary collaboration between The Champagne of Beers, Miller High Life and Chef Sam Davis-Allonce of the cult-favorite hot sauce brand, Hot N Saucy. This dynamic partnership brings together the refreshing taste of Miller High Life with the fiery kick of Hot N Saucy to create a one-of-a-kind hot sauce sure to elevate every dive bar snack or at home app.

Hot N Saucy was born from Chef Sam’s craving for a hot sauce that delivered a quality kick without compromising on flavor. Chef Sam used her impressive culinary background to create a line of small-batch hot sauces that are bright, bold and the perfect last dab on any snack. The partnership connects Chef Sam’s restaurant background with Miller High Life’s cemented place in dive bar and restaurant culture.

“We’re excited to partner with Chef Sam who knows from her own experiences in restaurant kitchens how important it is to balance heat and flavor,” said Frank Cirone, senior director of marketing for Miller High Life. “As a favorite amongst the service industry, Miller High Life is proud to work with Chef Sam to create another unique High Life twist on a dive bar staple with a spicy sidekick that gives you a new way to taste the High Life.”

Miller High Life’s Dive Bar Hot Sauce was crafted by Chef Sam with ingredients inspired by the sights, smells and tastes of your favorite dive bar, with Miller High Life actually in the sauce.

The inspiration behind each ingredient includes: 

  • Chipotle peppers marinated in adobo as hot as the neon signs in the window 
  • Smokiness for that signature dive bar scent that lingers as much on your tongue as on your clothes 
  • Lemon pepper juice that adds a sharp kick reminiscent of the house wings 
  • Carrot juice for that slightly sweet, finger-licking feel that only comes with the best dive bar foods 

Whether you’re dabbing it on the free popcorn from the bar, smothering it on a batch of homemade wings at the cookout or adding that extra kick to your Bloody Mary with a Miller High Life pony chaser, Dive Bar Hot Sauce promises to deliver champagne feels on a dive bar budget.  

“The sauce is inspired by the early days of my career and the late night dive bar celebrations after long nights in the kitchen with my drink of choice – a crisp Miller High Life,” said Chef Sam Davis-Allonce, founder of Hot N Saucy. “I created this recipe as a toast to that time in my life and all the kitchen staff, bar backs and High Life lovers like me celebrating the High Life with some spice.”

Beginning April 29 at 12:00 PM EST, those looking to Taste the High Life can purchase Dive Bar Hot Sauce at for $12.00 – the price of a 12 pk of Miller High Life – while supplies last. For those who missed out on snagging a bottle of their own, fans can enter to win a bottle of Dive Bar Hot Sauce at