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Auntie Anne's and Evil Genius Beer Company Release a Limited-Edition Oktoberfest Lager

Auntie Anne’s and Evil Genius Beer Company Team Up For Limited-Edition ‘Is Butter a Carb?’ Oktoberfest Lager!

Auntie Anne’s®, the world’s largest hand-rolled soft pretzel franchise, and Philadelphia-based Evil Genius Beer Company have teamed up to create a special Oktoberfest-style lager that will be released just in time for the classic beer-centric celebration. The new beer, dubbed Is Butter a Carb?, is an innovative riff on the timeless Oktoberfest beer style; brewed […]

Wilde Irish Gin

Wilde Irish Gin, Luxury Spirit Inspired by Literary Giant Oscar Wilde, Launches In Washington, D.C. and California!

Wilde Irish Gin, a brazen response to the craft gin movement, launches this summer in California and Washington, D.C. Taking inspiration from its namesake, literary giant Oscar Wilde, Wilde Irish Gin emerges in a glorious flare of extravagance, from the bespoke book-shaped purple bottle to Wilde’s cane on the intricate silver cap. Hailing from West […]

The Midnight - Tim McEwan and Tyler Lyle

THE MIDNIGHT Release Infectious New Single “Brooklyn. Friday. Love.”

The Midnight kick off August with the release of “Brooklyn. Friday. Love.” – the infectious new single from the band’s forthcoming full-length studio album Heroes – due out September 9th, 2022 via Counter Records. Fans can Buy/Stream ‘Brooklyn.Friday.Love.’ Here! “I lived in Brooklyn from 2014-2019, and one day I was daydreaming about the artists in Brooklyn […]

Journeyman’s Corsets, Whips and Whiskey

Journeyman’s Corsets, Whips & Whiskey Wins 2022 ASCOT Awards Whiskey of the Year

In a historic, game-changing victory, Journeyman’s Corsets, Whips and Whiskey single-grain, cask-strength wheat whiskey has won three of the highest honors bestowed at the 2022 ASCOT Awards, including Double Platinum, Best Wheat Whiskey, and Best in Class: Whiskey of the Year. Additionally, Journeyman’s Silver Cross Four Grain Whiskey earned a Gold Medal in this year’s awards. Journeyman […]

Daniel Corey - Photo by by Anabel DFlux

Exclusive Premiere: “Nearsighted” by Daniel Corey

Though he’s just released his first-ever single as a musical artist, LA-based singer/songwriter/guitarist Daniel Corey is hardly a stranger to the entertainment world. Already an accomplished writer and graphic artist, Corey (also known by the moniker, DangerKatt) has been netting dozens of awards for his screenplays and assorted writings, and penning titles such as ‘Moriarty’ […]