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Sex, Drugs and Cherry Pie: Video Vixen Bobbie Brown Talks ‘Dirty Rocker Boys’!


She’s my Cherry Pie. Tastes so good, make a grown man cry. Who could forget the sexy “Cherry Pie” girl from hair metal band Warrant’s infamous music video? Bobbie Brown became a bona fide vixen for her playful role as the object of lead singer Jani Lane’s desires. With her windblown peroxide mane, seductive scarlet lips, and flirtatious curves, she epitomized every man’s fantasy. But the wide-eyed Louisiana beauty queen’s own dreams of making it big in Los Angeles were about to be derailed by her rock-and-roll lifestyle. After her tumultuous marriage to Jani imploded, and her engagement to fast-living Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee ended in a drug haze—followed by his marriage days later to Pamela Anderson—Bobbie decided it was time Hollywood’s hottest bachelors got a taste of their own medicine. Step one: get high. Step two: get even.

In a captivating, completely uncensored confessional, “Dirty Rocker Boys: Love and Lust on The Sunset Strip,” Bobbie explicitly recounts her encounters with some of the most famous men in Hollywood: Leonardo DiCaprio, Kevin Costner, Mark McGrath, Dave Navarro, Sebastian Bach, Ashley Hamilton, Rob Pilatus of Milli Vanilli, Matthew and Gunnar Nelson, Orgy’s Jay Gordon, and many more. Who’s got the most titanic dick in Tinseltown? Whose bedroom did Bobbie (literally) set on fire? No man was off limits as the fun-loving bombshell spiraled into excess, anger, and addiction.

Bobbie survived the party—barely—and her riveting, cautionary comeback tale is filled with the wildest stories of sex, drugs, and rock and roll ever told. Jason Price of Icon Vs. Icon recently sat down with this iconic video vixen to discuss her life in the spotlight, the creation of her no-holds bar autobiography, ‘The Ex-Wives of Rock’ and much, much more!

Bobbie Jean Brown
Bobbie Jean Brown

Thanks for taking time out to talk with me today, Bobbie. The book is fantastic and we are excited to spread the word. I wanted to give everyone a little background on you. What got you started on your journey into the entertainment industry early on?

I think it all started with my Mom’s push really. She was kind of a stage mother and she pushed me in that direction by putting me in classes, introducing “White Gloves and Party Manners” or things like that. That was the direction she pointed me in.

From there you got into modeling. Was that something you always enjoyed or grew to love with time?

I liked it. It was cool because of how much money I could make and that was kind of neat but it is also a seedy world. You become kind of weird and entitled. It is really bizarre. It is also a very humbling experience. You get out of touch with human nature when you are in that sort of position. It had it good point and bad points. It was certainly easier than working hard labor! [laughs]

You just released “Dirty Rocker Boys: Love and Lust on The Sunset Strip.” What sparked the idea to write the book and what made now the time to do it?

Originally, I had been mentioned in fourteen different rock books. That was about four years ago. That is when I came up with the idea of giving a woman’s perspective, along with a retort of sorts. When I read some of the books, there were instances where I thought “That’s not exactly how that happened. I remember it like this.” I decided I needed to do my own version of what happened because there was no woman’s perspective on what was said. I came up with the idea and started writing over four years ago. Since that time, I had been trying to get it picked up and signed. It only came to fruition this last year. The entire process of working on the book lasted about four years.

When you first decided to tell your story, did you have any particular goals or expectations you were hoping to accomplish with your first book?

I wanted to not deny the reader any truth. I didn’t want to insult or offend anyone. I wanted the book to be very relatable. I also didn’t want anyone to think I was a victim because I am very much my own person making my own choices. I definitely am never a person who has grown to be proud of victim-stance. I certainly didn’t want to come off like that, so those were my key points going into it.

A fascinating look into Bobbie Brown's world!
A fascinating look into Bobbie Brown’s world!

Capturing decades of your life in a few short pages is certainly a huge task. Can you tell us a little bit about the process of tackling this huge undertaking?

It all started with getting the right ghostwriter who could sit down and listen to me, I could have a conversation with or tell a story to and have her perceive what I said in my own voice. It was really a matter of finding someone who gets you, if you aren’t writing it yourself. You have to have a pretty excellent synopsis to start off with, I think. Otherwise, you would be crazy to even consider it! [laughs]

Did you have any reservations about putting yourself out there in book form?

That is just who I am naturally, so it wouldn’t have been have come out any other way. I am never a liar, I just say too much sometimes! [laughs] That is basically it. I didn’t really have any fear because I am on “Ex-Wives of Rock” and that is a project where you are opening yourself up to people ridiculing you and talking shit about you because it is your life and not a character you are playing. There is always a risk you take when you do something like that but it was never a major concern for me.

You mention many people from your past in this book. Did you get any feedback from those mentioned?

Yeah, actually Tommy Lee said I am a stupid, lying fucking whore. [laughs] Then he said he was going to sue me or give me a cease-and-desist or something. I was like “First of all, I would never write anything in my book that is untrue because I am not trying to get sued. Secondly, he can go to jail and have everyone leave him for the same fucking reasons and I am the stupid, lying fucking whore? I was hoping that he would be like “People change! We were young then!” or something along those lines! [laughs]

What do you consider the most rewarding part of putting this amazing look at your life together?

It was very cathartic. When going into writing the book, I realized I was going to bring up a lot of suppressed emotion that I hadn’t felt or thought about in a long time. In a better light, it gave me closure on a lot of things in my life as well.

Bobbie Brown and Janie Lane back in the day.
Bobbie Brown and Janie Lane back in the day.

Obviously, you are forever linked to Warrant’s “Cherry Pie” video and of course, the late Janie Lane. Did you ever view being “The Cherry Pie Girl” as a curse or has it always been more of a blessing in your eyes?

Overall, I consider it a blessing. I mean, it is why we are speaking now and why people know me mainly. I am really OK with it now. There was a time where I wasn’t so happy with it but I think it had something to do with me being mad at Janie at the moment or something. It wasn’t true and from the heart, like “Screw that fuckin’ song!” but in the moment I am sure there was a time where I was annoyed with him and not trying to give him any credit! [laughs] No one had any clue how big the song or video would become. No clue whatsoever! I was shocked by all of it!

Did you have any idea when you left for Hollywood in your youth that it would take you down such a crazy rode and lead you to the heights that it did?

No. You know what’s weird. I only really thought about the present back then. I didn’t think about consequences or repercussions. I think that is really why it was so fun and crazy! I never really thought beyond the moment, so I never gave it much thought at that time. I think it was when I had my daughter, Taylar, when I started having second thoughts, things I would stress over or contemplate. When it was just me by myself, I rarely gave anything a second thought!

There are so many great stories in the book. Where there any in particular that you were eager to share with the fans?

Yeah, I think I was eager to talk about Janie’s death; the suspiciousness of it all and the weirdness of the situation. Regardless of what I came to learn for find out about the situation after the fact, I just kind of wanted to put the seed in people’s ears about what I thought was the situation or how things went down, ya know?

Do you think we will ever see any movement in regard to that situation or do you feel it will continue to remain a mystery?

I don’t know that it will ever come to fruition. I think it is something that the wife has to pursue and she certainly won’t. Because he was an alcoholic and died of acute alcohol poisoning, no one is going to question it beyond that because of those facts alone.


Bobbie Brown and a young Taylar Lane
Bobbie Brown and a young Taylar Lane

You mentioned the daughter you had with Janie. You seem to have a terrific relationship with her at this point. What was it like sharing this book with her?

When it came to the parts that she was in or her father, I ran the chapters by her first. I just wanted to see how she felt about them or if there was anything that made her feel uncomfortable. I cleared all of those with her before I sent it to the publisher. She didn’t read the entire book right away; she just called me with the typos! [laughs] She just read the parts that concerned her initially. Then she read the entire book and she sent me a message saying how proud she was of me and that she thought it was really good.

That is terrific to hear. In regard to her, does she have any plans on following in the footsteps of her famous parents?

No. Well, she is a writer and has been writing since she was five years old. In that way, I guess she is following her own creative path but as far as the entertainment industry or celebrity is concerned, she has zero interest.

Bobbie Jean Brown - "Dirty Rocker Boys"

You are so linked to music, what can you tell us about your musical side and is that something you see yourself pursuing further in the future?

I had a record deal at one time but I got pregnant, so it ended. I had a deal with Barry Weiss at Jive that hired Britney Spears so after I dropped out. It was something I was going to pursue at the time but my path changed. My Dad was a singer and I sang backup on Duff McKagan’s solo record, which was goofy! [laughs] I don’t have an amazing voice like Christina Aguilera but I can hold a note! I used to be much better when I was younger and I sang in competitions when in middle and high school but not anymore.

Another big part of your life over the past few years has been the series, “The Ex-Wives of Rock.” How did you get involved with the show initially?

I co-wrote a documentary called “Do It For The Band,” which won Best Rock Documentary of The Year in 2010. That is where Lorraine Lewis saw me on VH1 and contacted me via MySpace saying that she had a show idea that she wanted to discuss with me. She asked if I would mind meeting with her and her partner on the project. I did and I thought it was a great idea! I brought the other girls in to meet and it took about three years but it finally got picked up in Canada.

Bobbie Jean Brown
Bobbie Jean Brown

The show has been a lot of fun to watch. What has been the best part of being a part of that family, so to speak?

Having that support system and the fact it is really like a family is amazing! It has changed all of our lives for the better by making us grow. Also, we have all been there for each other when otherwise we probably wouldn’t have. One of my favorite things to say is that I get paid to hang out with my friends and be myself! You can’t that!

You just started filming Season 3 of the series. Obviously, this is based on your lives but where do you hope to see the series develop and where do you hope it takes you all on a personal level in the future?

Honestly, I hope the show keeps going and going and going. It is so much fun. I would like to see us get spin-off shows and that we accomplish our individual goals via that. I hope it continues to take us higher and higher and we continue to accomplish more and more. We keep getting stronger. I think that is because we are so honest with our audience and so self-deprecating. We share our highs, the lows and the decisions both good and bad. People can really relate and I think that is why the show has done so well. I feel like people have grown along with us and know we are more than just getting facials, drinking champagne and all that stuff. We are real and people can relate to that!

With the series and the book, you air a lot of dirty laundry. Even after doing so with both, do you feel people still have misconceptions about you as a person?

Sure! I think when people only know about me being on the show and haven’t watched it; they might think I am into certain things that I am not. If they watched the show they would dispel a lot of those misconceptions. I feel a lot of those people are haters to begin with and might want to hate more just to have a reason to talk shit.

Doing the book gives you plenty of time to reflect on your life. What is the best lesson to be learned from your life and times?

I think the biggest lesson I have learned personally is gratitude. I have learned to be humble and gracious. With that gratitude, I feel I have been rewarded ten-fold. I find that I am constantly grateful for people and I am telling them how I appreciate them. Being appreciative for the little things in life that have happened and those that didn’t happen today is a great lesson to learn. It has really worked wonders for me. In my twenties, I didn’t used to be that way. I was very ungrateful, unappreciative spoiled and had an ego, which just didn’t work out.

Bobbie Jean Brown
Bobbie Jean Brown

You have been doing the press tour for the book. What has been that experience been like for you?

I have thoroughly enjoyed it, so much so that I would love to write another book or continue doing this type of thing because it has been such a blast! It has been such an amazing ride and I have really and truly enjoyed every minute of it!

What are some of the other goals you have your sights set on both short and long term?

There are so many things I am excited about. I have my own clothing line. I would love to do another book. I would love to do my own podcast show. I want to be on the New York Times Best Seller list. I want to be on “Dancing with the Stars.” I want to be in Playboy. I have a whole list with so many things I want to accomplish before I die!

I wanted to touch on your fashion line, The Bobbie Jean Brown Collection. What can you tell us about it?

I wanted to buy clothes that would be sexy and rock! I am focused on styles that can fit all sizes of woman. Sharise [Neil] has her own line but she designs her line after her physique. She is her own fit model. I can’t wear her clothes because I would look like a pregnant person. It just isn’t geared towards my body type. I wanted to do a line that appealed to everybody. I am also very into vintage pieces. I love having a vintage section. You can check it all out at www.bobbiejeanbrown.net.

Bobbie Jean Brown
Bobbie Jean Brown

In “Dirty Rocker Boy: Love and Lust on The Sunset Strip,” you talk a lot about your past loves. What is your love life like these days?

I just broke up with someone I was seeing for a few months yesterday. I was completely head-over-heels and trusted him in every way. It turns out that he was the biggest sociopath liar I have ever encountered. I had no idea. When he looked at me, it was with so much love I would have never in a million years known it or guessed it. It was devastating.

That sucks! I have to say, I think they are missing a real opportunity by not doing some type of “Rock of Love” style show to get you hooked up with a real man!

I know! I have been saying that for years! [laughs] Seriously, I am starting to think I am really broken in that department.

I am sure there is another level of difficulty for a person like yourself who has a level of celebrity attached to them.

That is true. I find that people start to resent me after a while. At first they are enamored but then they start to get resentful and start to treat me badly or talk down to me because they are trying to make themselves my equal in their own mind. I am not saying they are less than me but in their own mind they want to take me down for whatever reason. I don’t do that to them or try to make them feel that way, so it is a real bummer.

One thing I think you are doing that is fantastic is being so interactive with your fans on Facebook and Twitter. What type of impact has that had on you?

You know what, the girls from the show; we all try to reach out to our fans as much as we can. We have made that a part of the show in a way. I have to say it really, totally changes people. For example, if I see somebody say something bad, I will just say something like “Wow. That was mean. Do you even watch the show?” Just simply because I respond, they flip it. Now, they suddenly watch the show and are sorry. It is just so weird how human interaction works! It is very few and far between when somebody says “I still hate it and I think you suck, still!” If I get those types of people, I tend to block them. I do think it is a huge marketing tool for anything you are trying to promote. Not only that but it is a great way for us to keep in touch with the fans who do love the show.

Bobbie Jean Brown
Bobbie Jean Brown

If you could go back to your early years and give yourself some advice, what would that be?

That would be to prioritize with things and people, as well as be more grateful, as I said earlier. I do feel like I have come full circle. I feel like this is more of a comeback trail autobiography. I say that because there are a lot of sad, depressing and dark moments in the book and for me to come out of that on my own, pull myself up and accomplish my goals that I started twenty years ago was difficult but very rewarding experience.

I want to thank you for your time today, Bobbie. The book is a great read and I think you personality shines through. You could say the sun has definitely broken free of the clouds, if you know what I mean.

Thank you so much, Jason! I am glad you enjoyed it! Talk to you soon!

Be sure to follow Bobbie Jean Brown’s adventures on Twitter at twitter.com/bobbiejeanbrown?. ‘Dirty Rocker Boys: Love and Lust on The Sunset Strip’ is available now and is a must-read! – Click here to get it on Amazon.com!