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Blu-ray Review: Rediscovering Tim Kincaid’s Cult Classic ‘Breeders’ (1986)


“Fearing that their city is the target of a serial rapist, Manhattan Detective Dale Androtti (Lance Lewman, Riot On 42nd Street) finds an unlikely ally in Dr. Gamble Pace (Teresa Farley, Bad Girls Dormitory) when they are teamed up to investigate the brutal crimes. Their suspicions, unbelievable as they may seem, will lead them to a terrifying discovery that an alien life form is impregnating women to reproduce his species. The terrifying Breeders, written and directed by Tim Kincaid (Mutant Hunt) co-stars Frances Raines (Disconnected) and Natalie O’Connell (Bad Girls Dormitory).”

Where has “Breeders” been all my life? Filmed in 1986 back-to-back with “Mutant Hunt,” Tim Kincaid’s “Breeders” is a heavy hangin’ sci-fi horror gem that is sure to leave audiences reaching for their remotes to pause and rewind on more than a dozen occasions. More often than not when you pop in a “alien monster living under the city while preying on the cute, innocent virgin community,” you know, that ol’ tale, you expect to see some cheesy rubber suited monsters running amuck. But “Breeders” features some of the most well exectued practical effects this particular subgenre has to offer. A film that predates Species by almost a decade, Tim Kincaid’s effort is obviously, at least I hope, targeted toward the raincoat crowd that once populated 42nd Street, instead of hiding it’s skin-flick status amongst the would-be stars of yesterday.

Olive Films has done wonders with the 1080p transfer, and surprisingly the 2.0 mix leaves very little to be desired. The vibrant Manhattan set pieces scream pure 80s nostalgia. And the characters pop from the screen. Featuring only a trailer as a special feature, I can see some collectors wanting more from the release, but I honestly feel it suits the film perfectly. Had Olive thrown on a BTS or Retrospective, I would assume it would take something from the presentation. The less I know about the making of this movie, the better it plays.

Bottom line, “Breeders” is a very fun watch. A perfect flick to throw on with some friends after you’re about a six pack in.

You can purchase ‘Breeders directly from Olive Films at this location – Click Here. Be sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter for info on all of their epic releases!