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Singer/Songwriter Anna Dellaria Drops New Song and Video For “Break Me Down”

Singer/songwriter Anna Dellaria has released a stripped-down song + music video for “Break Me Down.” Of the song, she says:

“I had my first depressive episode after graduating college; Everything felt… numb. I didn’t recognize myself, who I was in my relationships, and my will to work had disappeared.  I tend to “ride things out” so I thought if I waited long enough it’d just pass.  It didn’t.  The process of finally reaching out for help was so much more vulnerable than I would’ve guessed.  “Break Me Down” was written right before I finally did just that.  At the time, I had no idea why I felt so unlike myself or how I’d get through it, but I made a vow not to let this darkness define me.

Strangely enough, I think the world is experiencing a similar feeling amongst COVID.  This invisible darkness has pushed us into a paralyzing state of uncertainty & loss of connection.   My hope is that “Break Me Down” unites us – alone together –  in recognizing our resilience as a human race.  Although we may be unsure of where we’re headed, we too can vow to rise + uplift in the face of uncertainty: To not allow this time to rob us of our identities, but embellish them with new layers of strength. “

More About Anna Dellaria

San Francisco-born and Los Angeles based singer/songwriter Anna Dellaria uses her flaws to start a fire. Translating lyrical catharsis through bold and powerful vocal delivery, she doesn’t back down from darkness; rather, she turns it into light… That approach has unassumingly drawn the spotlight to her after a lifetime dedicated to the craft.

While studying at USC’s Thornton School of Music, she devoted ten hours a day to honing her voice—often sleeping in the practice rooms. Through the program, she caught the attention of early supporters and industry icons Lenny Waronker and Rob Cavallo, while also performing alongside artists like John Fogerty, Chaka Khan, and more. Her debut single, “Sudden”, was welcomed with praise from The Four Oh Five, Indie Shuffle, and Complex Magazine among others. Soon after, the iPhone demo of her song “Bolder” aired in the season finale of TV Land’s, “Younger”, which ignited a flurry of inquiry and partnerships with Shazam and Apple Music for a formal release.

With a rising profile, Ethan Allen tapped her to sing during a national campaign aired during the 2018 Academy® Awards. Dellaria’s recent releases have been featured across television and film, on networks ranging from HBO to Nickelodeon.

Her recent single, “Baggage” premiered on EARMILK to critical acclaim. Dellaria’s music has racked up over 1.5 million digital streams, and been featured across 9 editorial Playlists including several New Music Friday’s and top 10 on Amazon Music’s “Girl Power” Playlist. Her recording success is coupled with her captivating and dynamic stage prowess. Dellaria’s live performances have most recently gained recognition as a selected artist for BMGpm’s 2020 SXSW Showcase, and tour support for Clark Beckham’s Spring Tour. Expect new music from this buzzing artist in May, with a series of singles to welcome her debut EP this Fall. The new music is driven by a desire to create a fresh & authentic sound rooted in turning imperfection into power: darkness into light.