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Brandon Boyd and Mike Einziger of Incubus Unveil New Re-Recording of ‘Agoraphobia’ To Address Collective Societal Unrest

Iconic frontman Brandon Boyd and guitarist Mike Einziger of multi-platinum selling band Incubus have always been hyper aware of swelling social concerns, as evident in the original recording of ‘Agoraphobia’ following 9/11. Now with these issues at all time fever pitch and in even more need of community dialogue and support, Boyd and Einziger teamed up to release a new live video version of the song. Check out the new version of the song below! The new video comes just months after the highly anticipated release for their EP, TRUST FALL (SIDE B).

Brandon Boyd on the revisiting the track: “Agoraphobia is a song we wrote about 17 years ago and it was on our 2003 release, “A Crow Left Of The Murder”. Lyrically I suppose I was reacting to a growing cultural concern with how we were proceeding in a post 9/11 world, as that event was still very close in the collective gestalt. I was lamenting reading the daily news feeds and seeing where things were heading and feeling more and more called to just give in to a sense of hopelessness and just stay inside for the rest of my life. By the end of the song I wake up to the idea that I indeed DON’T want to stay inside for good and there are still pangs of hope and optimism (though cautious) that reside in my heart and my mind. Mike and I recorded this acoustic version a couple of weeks ago while in lock down because it had an eerily familiar relevance to he and I as this forced (though necessary) collective Agoraphobia was setting in. Herein we aren’t encouraging a fear of the outside world, but merely singing a song that seems to encapsulate the overall mood.”