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PRIMO THE ALIEN Unveils Official Music Video For Captivating New Track “More Love”

Austin-based, intergalactic, time traveling popstar, fashion icon and cosmically-inspired synthwave diva Primo the Alien has unveiled the official music video for her latest single “More Love.” The video follows Primo and her friends on the same night out that inspired the song – good people, good drinks and good vibes that you want to get lost in. Check out the infectious new track below!

This fall, Primo’s newest EP, “We All Hate Ourselves Sometimes,” will drop on Sept. 8, 2023 and will feature a collection of songs that deal with the real and difficult journey of self-acceptance and hope for tomorrow.

Though her otherworldly stage name suggests otherwise, Primo the Alien feels that these new tracks for the EP are grounded in her humanity. “More Love” is an expression of love for Primo’s younger self, writing songs in her bedroom with just a pen and guitar. There’s a quality to the vocals in “More Love” that hint at a darker undercurrent – someone looking back on a moment they want to get lost in again. Though initially self-produced in her own studio, Primo and her co-producer Taylor Webb dug into the final production along with mastering engineer Chris Gerhinger on the new track and discovered something new.

“Taylor and I both realized the shift in the sonic landscape of the Primo the Alien universe, and luckily we both leaned into it,” said Primo. “This music has helped me understand that girl I once was, to have compassion for her. I was robbed of a lot of innocence and hope. I had to grow up too quickly. But she’s still there, and I just don’t think we are ever too old to believe, to look at the world in wonder.”

“We All Hate Ourselves Sometimes” is a departure from Primo’s other work as it represents triumph over self-doubt and a connection to something deeper than before.

“It’s about looking for peace in my restlessness, self-love in my self-loathing,” said Primo. “I may be an alien, but this album is about our confusing, beautiful, desperate, brilliant humanity, that good doesn’t exist without bad, that life is both pain and brilliant, blinding joy. But I think that’s what all music is about.”

There will be three more singles premiering before the final EP is released on September 8. The next singles “Move” and “Sad Part of a Happy Movie” will grace audiences this summer. The final song to be released will be the title track “We All Hate Ourselves Sometimes.”


Primo the Alien is a graduate of the Clive Davis Institute at New York University with a degree in record production. After working as a musician in New York and Nashville, Primo relocated to Austin. While writing and producing her first songs after moving to Austin, Primo noticed themes of outer space and time travel throughout her new music, and, thusly, Primo the Alien was born. Since the release of her debut, self-produced EP in 2017, Primo the Alien has lived up to her name with a meteoric rise in the electropop scene. An Austin City Limits (ACL) performer in 2021 and 2022 and South By SouthWest (SXSW) official artist for five years running, Primo the Alien was recently recognized for her “Excellence in Songwriting” by the Songwriter’s Hall of Fame. Primo’s name graced both Rolling Stone’s “Top 50 Indie Artists to Watch” and Billboard’s “Hot 100 Independent Artists to Watch” lists, and her 2023 CMT Red Carpet appearance was published by People Magazine, Daily Mail, MSN and Yahoo.

Primo the Alien’s 2022 deluxe album, “Heart on the Run,” held #1 on the Bandcamp Pop Charts, selling out of vinyl before its digital release and landing several Spotify editorial playlists with her standout single “Do It Again.” The face of Universal Audio’s new Volt interface, Primo’s music has been featured in international brand campaigns, on television, and in video games. Primo the Alien is a Sonic Guild grant recipient and celebrated Austin artist featured on KUTX, KOOP, 101X, KVUE, KXAN, Austin Chronicle, Music Radar, Austin Monthly, Austin American Statesman. An advocate for women in music production, Primo is passionate about creating space, visibility, and opportunity for women producers, while also fighting for equity throughout the music industry, as a whole.