Spice Up Your Work Week With Pop Culture Inspired Blazers From!

In the 80’s, we were working 9-5 just trying to make a living with Doralee Rhodes. Later in the 90’s, we were skeptically investigating the paranormal with Dana Scully. By the 2000’s, we were on the gritty streets of NYC taking down bad guys with Olivia Benson. While the decades and divas have changed, one thing has remained the same – The Blazer!

Fashion has always been a pivotal part of pop culture. However, the blazer has withstood the proverbial test of time. It even survived that unfortunate shoulder pad period and came out unscathed, which is a true testament of its perseverance. Whether part of a power suit, part of a glow up, or part of a chic breezy brunch look, we often reach for a blazer in an effort to pull a look together to give us a boost of confidence.

If you’re looking to add a little fun to your wardrobe or you need to bulk up your bunch of blazers, our friends at is undoubtedly the place to go! A couple of our favorites are the Batman Blazer, and the Nightmare on Elm Street Blazer. Both fit true to size if referencing the handy size chart on the website, and we had no complaints as far as proportions or the cut of either garment.

The Batman Blazer is a polyester/rayon/spandex blend in the perfect shade of heather gray. It’s a longer, single button, boyfriend style with functional pockets that are nice and deep, perfect for stashing all the Bat-tastic accessories you need while strolling the streets of Gotham. The blazer also features illustrations of Catwoman, Poison Ivy, and Harley Quinn. The villainous girl squad is scattered about a light pink satin lining, which also includes a pink shadow version of the Cape Crusader’s infamous Bat Symbol. We love casually styling this by cuffing the sleeves, then pairing with jeans, a white t-shirt, and our favorite Chuck Taylors!

We’re big Nightmare on Elm Street fans here, so having the opportunity to express our love for the franchise in a professional way is, well, a dream come true! The Elm Street Blazer is a slim fit suit jacket, made of a viscose/polyester blend, with a one button closure and two functional pockets. Being a solid black blazer, this is a super fun powerhouse piece to have in your closet! Hidden away inside, the red satin lining showcases the iconic slasher glove, eerie television sets, and the malevolent mister himself. We’ve rocked office presentations by styling this with black slacks, a red cami, and black heels. Not only do we feel polished and professional when wearing this, we feel like nothing can scare us more than having Freddy Krueger so close!

The options don’t end there! has something for everyone with its blazer offerings. Other wildly popular franchises include Scooby-Doo, Beetlejuice, Harry Potter, Friends, Care Bears, and more!

Be sure to check out these blazers, along with other funky, fun, and functional pieces of clothing at!