Hard Rock Hotel New York Partners with LISA Project NYC and New York City Mayor’s Office for Lower East Side Mural By Shepard Fairey As Part Of The HipHop 50 | Public Art Project
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Shepard Fairey’s Beastie Boys-Inspired ‘Posse In Effect’ Mural Unveiled At Hard Rock Hotel New York

Hard Rock Hotel New York has partnered with LISA Project NYC and the New York City Mayor’s Office by unveiling a mural on the Lower East Side, Posse in Effect, created by world-renowned artist, Shepard Fairey, as part of the HipHop 50 | Public Art Project. LISA Project NYC is a groundbreaking public art charity dedicated to transforming urban spaces through captivating street, graffiti and contemporary art murals. The extraordinary initiative in celebration of 50 years of hip-hop, is bringing art, history and music to the heart of New York City with 50 murals being created throughout the five boroughs.

Situated on the intersection of East 14th Street and Avenue A on the Lower East Side, Posse in Effect is inspired by an iconic image of the Beastie Boys originally captured by Glen Friedman, a pioneer of skate, punk, and hip-hop photography. With an unwavering commitment to inclusivity, creativity, and social impact, LISA Project NYC continues to push the boundaries of public art, leaving an indelible mark on the local cultural landscape. The mural now lives on as a visual tribute to the influence that group has had on hip-hop, and the mark they made on their home of New York City.

“Hip hop is more than just music, it is a global movement that changed the world forever,” said New York City Mayor Eric Adams. “Beyond the rhymes and raps, street art was a pivotal pillar in the early days of hip hop, giving young people an outlet to express themselves. Today, this administration is proud to play its part in delivering our own Beastie Boys mural to celebrate 50 years of hip hop. I want to thank Shepard Fairey, Lisa Project NYC, and Hard Rock Hotel New York for bringing art back to the streets and turning our city into a living, breathing canvas.”

“We are proud to partner with LISA Project NYC and the Office of The Mayor, who are committed to providing access to the arts for the local community, while celebrating the changemakers who shaped hip-hop over the past 50 years. Music is the foundation that Hard Rock International was built on and we are thrilled to continue making our mark within the city and play a part in honoring the Beastie Boys for decades to come with Shepard Fairey’s mural,” said Keith Sheldon, President of Entertainment at Hard Rock International.

“Art and entertainment is in our DNA at Hard Rock and especially at Hard Rock Hotel New York here in the culture capital of the world. We’re forever grateful for the opportunity to leave a lasting impression for New Yorkers with the creation of this mural and look forward to the powerful conversation that this piece evokes,” said David Salcfas, General Manager at Hard Rock Hotel New York.

“The Beastie Boys blew the doors open for me and many others to embrace hip-hop, so it only seemed fitting to pay homage to them as one of the most important players in the scene and an integral part of New York culture with this image originally photographed by Glen E. Friedman, and re-interpreted and painted into the Lower East Side cityscape,” said Shepard Fairey of his mural, Posse in Effect.

“The importance of Public art cannot be understated when celebrating the 50th anniversary of hip-hop. It’s more than creativity on display; it’s a testament to our City’s cultural heartbeat, a reminder of our shared history, and an inspiration for years to come,” said Wayne Rada, Executive Director & Curator, LISA Project NYC.

The partnership continues through Hip Hop History Month in November, with Hard Rock Hotel New York and LISA Project NYC hosting a special ‘Artist Talk’ at The Venue on Music Row featuring Shepard Fairey and guests to be announced soon. This dynamic discussion will dive into the profound impact of the hip-hop genre and the cultural revolution that has shaped music, style, entertainment, history, and more.

For more information about this collaborative partnership, tune into Shepard Fairey’s conversation with Mayor Eric Adams on The Get Stuff Done-Cast now streaming or visit hardrockhotels.com/new-york/lisa-project-billboard.aspx.