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MAJOR LEAGUE HOCKEY FIGHTS To Deliver ‘The Best Fights on Ice’ With 2024 Debut

One of the most virally shared and unique combat sports ever created is making its return in 2024. As announced by A.J. Galante on the ’Talkin’ Trash’ podcast, Major League Hockey Fights will be bringing ’The Best Fights on Ice’ to combat sports fans in the new year.

Galante, who in the Summer of 2022 spearheaded two epic ‘King of the Rink’ battles at the River Cree Casino in Enoch, Alberta, and saw the events become viral sensations, is bringing back some of the toughest fighters in the hockey world to square off for enforcer supremacy.

“We felt like we were getting momentum after the first two shows and we want to take it to another level,” Galante stated. “This sport played into a lot of my prior experiences, including being in the the professional boxing business for 13 years. Major League Hockey Fights is allowing me to to build on my past experiences with ‘King of the Rink’ and provide fight fans with explosives and entertaining events. We are bringing prize fighting on ice and I can’t wait for people to check it out.”

Speaking with the inaugural ‘King of the Rink’ tournament winner, ‘Diamond Hands’ Daniel Amesbury on the ‘Talkin’ Trash Podcast,’ Galante stated that while the Major League Hockey Fights will share some similarities to the original ‘King of the Rink’ events, there will be some significant improvements such as weight classes and a league format. Major League Hockey Fights will announce event details and rules in the coming weeks.

“We have had so many people interested in Major League Hockey Fights,” said Galante. “We have had people reach out about investing, about hosting events and of course, we have been contacted by fighters ready to take the ice. We want to do this right, and we will be chronicling the entire journey on the ‘Talkin’ Trash’ podcast. At the end of the day, it’s all about the fighters and fans.”

About A.J. Galante

A.J. Galante was subject of the critically acclaimed Netflix documentary – ‘Untold: Crime and Penalties’ – spotlighting the now infamous former United Hockey League team, the Danbury Trashers. The documentary was an instant classic in both the sports and pop culture worlds. Galante, who was just 17 years old when appointed the position of President/GM of the Trashers, is now in the Professional boxing business, and also runs Champs Boxing Club in Danbury.

He and his father James are known internationally for creating one of the toughest and most unique hockey teams in history. Aside from putting together two very successful seasons, they are also renowned for their marketing and ‘ahead of their time’ promotion of the ‘Bad Boys of Hockey’.

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