21SEEDS Infused Tequila Takes Us Back To The Aughts With The O.C’s Rachel Bilson!

21SEEDS, the award-winning, female-founded infused tequila brand is teaming up with Rachel Bilson and Fake Empire to give millennial consumers what they want: a return to The O.C. The new campaign, licensed by Warner Bros. Discovery Global Consumer Products, stars Rachel Bilson reprising her role as the iconic Summer Roberts crafting easy-to-make cocktails with 21SEEDS, her drink of choice. Together, 21SEEDS, Rachel Bilson, and Fake Empire toast The O.C.’s 21st birthday by tapping into early 2000s nostalgia with fan-favorite scenes from the hit series, infused with a tequila twist.

“When 21SEEDS called to ask me to step back into my role as Summer, it was an easy yes, especially when I heard Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage were involved. I always say I would do anything with them at the drop of a dime!” said actress Rachel Bilson. “Bringing back Summer has been fun, and I really joined the campaign because I was already a fan of 21SEEDS. I may not be a professional mixologist, but 21SEEDS infused tequilas make it much easier to craft my favorite cocktails at home.”

Together, 21SEEDS and Fake Empire—run by Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage— are tapping into 2000s nostalgia in a campaign that transports millennials back to one of TV’s most popular shows: The O.C. According to a Kantar study, 81% of consumers enjoy when brands bring back sentimental products and trends. 21SEEDS seized the opportunity to lean into this trend appealing to an audience yearning for a revival. When The O.C. originally launched in 2003, it quickly catapulted to cultural icon status. Viewers resonated with Summer Roberts as the ultimate bestie, who was witty, and always supported her friends. Bringing back Summer’s character with 21SEEDS on The O.C.‘s 21st birthday felt like the most symbolic way to celebrate the milestone and check in with a friend over drinks. The 21SEEDS “Serving Summer” campaign will serve as the brand’s flagship seasonal campaign, showing the versatility of 21Seeds for a variety of summer occasions.

Summer Roberts is the total embodiment of a true 21SEEDS fan – she’s never too serious, brings everyone together, and is always down for a good time,” said Adrienne Cuschieri, Business Director of 21SEEDS, “I can’t wait to see how the campaign inspires our customers to connect over their favorite easy-to-make 21SEEDS cocktails and scenes from The O.C.”

Rachel Bilson with all three flavors of 21Seeds Infused Tequila.

21SEEDS worked directly with Fake Empire, the production company co-founded by The O.C. Executive Producers Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage, to authentically bring the creative to life in partnership with Kimmelot Labs and Starpower. Anna Mastro, who was an assistant to Executive Producers on The O.C. pilot and has subsequently become a director of numerous episodes of TV and commercials, was tapped to direct. The “Serving Summer” campaign includes three 15-second spots featuring fan-favorite callbacks to the show.

“We’re very grateful to 21SEEDS for extending the opportunity to revisit our first project together to celebrate its 21st birthday,” said The O.C. creator Josh Schwartz. “We’re constantly asked about a reunion or where our characters would be now, and this felt like a fun way to hang out with Summer Roberts again. There are easter eggs hidden throughout, as well shoutouts to some memorable moments from the show.”

The 21SEEDS campaign starring Rachel Bilson will officially launch on Monday, July 1st via Hulu, Max, Peacock, other digital platforms, and the brand’s official Instagram profile @21seeds. For more information about 21SEEDS Infused Tequila, its full range of flavors, and where to find them, please visit

21SEEDS encourages all 21+ consumers to enjoy their easy-to-mix cocktails responsibly.

All episodes of The O.C. are available to stream on Max.