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The Vacancies – ‘A Beat Missing or a Silence Added’ – CD Review

68d615f2By JASON PRICE

The Cleveland-based band The Vacancies bring their punk sound and attitude to light on their sophomore release A Beat Missing or a Silence Added.?

In a world where punk has strayed more to the “pop” side, The Vacancies play punk the way it was intended to be played. The record is loaded with a powerful sound that harkens back to the underground punk scene. The songs are high energy, political and very well produced by Joan Jett and Kenny Laguna. The clean production on the album showcases the driving guitars and a powerful rhythms.

In recent years, radio-played punk rock has strayed away from it’s more political roots. The sound of songs such as “Save Yourself” and “New Religion” bring to mind punk pioneers The Clash and Black Flag, along with a more listener friendly twinge of The Ramones. The band shows their versatility on “Closer,” which delivers a more punk/ska sound that may even be a bit out of place. On “Radio Revolution,” they take a shot at corporate radio and the homogenized state of music in mainstream America. The record, while not perfect in all areas, is definitely a huge shot in the arm of the post-Green Day era of punk music. If you are tired of what is being presented as modern punk music, A Beat Missing or a Silence Added is definitely worth the listen.

The Vacancies are Billy Crooked (vocals), Michael James (guitar/vocals), BO (bass) and Angelo Merendino (drums) The band has released their latest album A Beat Missing or a Silence Added on Blackheart Records.