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2008’s Biggest Moments in Rock!

Our staff of die-hard rock n’ roll fans is ready to deliver you a heaping helping of 2008’s Biggest Moments In Rock!

axl_1206784cSteve Johnson’s Pick: There were many moments in the past year that could easily be considered for the best moment in rock, but one moment, 15 years in the making, reigns supreme. Axl Rose finally delivered an album that for the most part had become a running joke amongst the music community. Surrounded by years of media hype and ridiculous expectations, Chinese Democracy was released on November 23. While some of you out there may not give the album a chance because of the long delay or the fact that it does not feature Slash or Duff, you should. Chinese Democracy exceeds all of the expectations placed on it and is a prime example of masterful song writing. Axl, this Dr. Pepper is for you! You are number 1 in my book.

310293952_nv8gd-mJason Price’s Pick: The biggest rock moment in 2008 to me was the retailer specific mega-deals that were inked for the likes of the Eagles, Journey, AC/DC and Guns N’ Roses. For some artists it payed off in spades. However, for others, like Guns N’ Roses, the jury still seems to be out on just whether this is the right way to go when marketing their product. There is little doubt that the music industry is in a state of flux and it will be interesting to see if marketing of this fashion is a trend we will see more of for established artists.

1456720678lzk5Jen X’s Pick: I don’t know if “Biggest” would be the best description, but one of the coolest moments in rock for me this year was Nine Inch Nails releasing The Slip as a free download via their website. My opinion is that this could be a huge boost to bands and solo artists in concert ticket sales, and obviously the free concept carried over to appreciative fans as many then went out and bought the hard copy that came with a 24-page booklet, a sticker pack and a DVD of live performances. Bottom line is I dig the concept, and feel that by releasing what NIN knew was awesome material for free download it could be the wave of the future for bands that are confident in their music and want to promote an upcoming tour. And, as they say, “If it’s free, it’s for me.”