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‘Lost Boys’ Star Corey Haim Found Dead

Corey Haim

Actor Corey Haim died this morning of an apparent overdose, according to LAPD.

Police say it is believed the actor, who shot to fame in the ’80s and had a long history of substance-abuse problems, perished at 3:30 a.m. Wednesday due to an accidental overdose.

He was found unresponsive at his Oakwood apartment. His mother was at the home at the time.

The 80s pop icon was 38 years old.

Haim became an 80s teen idol and starred in films such as Silver Bullet, Lucas and License to Drive. He was at the top of his game when he co-starred in The Lost Boys, alongside Corey Feldman.

The actor, who has struggled with drug addiction, was pronounced dead Providence St. Joseph’s Medical Center in Burbank.

Source: TMZ